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Saschas Rouge One TK Build

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Hey there I have read a lot and did also my try to build and mod things i had to get a Rogue One Stormtrooper Armor. Helmet is a Hasbro Black Series Helm, Armor parts are cheap parts buyed on eBay cause i don't want to destroy my actual approved TD Armor.post-30867-0-78018500-1495480375_thumb.jpeg

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Hello Sascha,

nice work with your mod! :)

Did you made the ab-buttons yourself?


I would suggest to cut the ab where you are showing and then make the lower part slimmer:



Are you going to mod a complete set of armor or just the most noticeable parts?


Grüße aus Jever!


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Thanks Chris, i found the Shop on Etsy and will order the 16 noch Cogs. <br><br>

Thanks Christian, that is exactly what i need. Will cut it off like this. <br><br>

The Buttons are heads of rivets and are behind the plastic. To get edge around the buttons i heated a small metal Tube and pressed it into the plastic before making the holes for the buttons.

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