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ESB AM 2.0 Build - Woodbridge, VA

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Those are cheese grater hand plates and a diamond knee plate that are used by Sandtroopers. Hold on to them as you never know when you will want to join the dirty side. ;) 

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I wouldn't trim anything off of the sides of the kidney and butt plate, in particular if you expect to have to add shims later. Doesn't make a lot of sense - at least not to me. AM armor is pulled larger specifically to help troopers that have more to cover, especially in the midsection area. 


The cod cutline looks about right to me, but when in doubt there is an excellent archives photo in our reference library here that shows half a dozen suits stacked on a shelf at the perfect viewing angle to estimate how that area should be trimmed. The important part is getting rid of that extra plastic - I have started callig it the "trooper hymen". Like the actual thing, it's not meant to be there indefinitely. ;)




The library link is pinned at the top ofthe main forum page, but here is the URL: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/gallery/

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Did a test fit the other night to get a measurement for the belt I'll be ordering from TKittel, and for the side shims.











The biceps are giving me a bit of trouble, not sure if they're too big, too small, or just need to be trimmed so they're shorter, but they're not comfortable at all and causes pinching  when i put the fore arm on if I'm not careful. 


Lastly, got around to making snap plates after some trial and error and put the first ones on the chest, as well as glued the shoulder straps to the chest.



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So after staring at it for weeks, i decided to go for it and attempt to assemble the bucket. I feel like i got the left side done perfectly, but the right side definitrly has too much gap. Think ill habe to tske that side apart and adjust the faceplates position.


This is also my last session working on it til the armor party next weekend, goingon a work trip. Looking forward to getting some help on the thighs, shins, and with snaps. I cant seem to set them right.




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Decided to go right into fixing it up, couldn't leave it in thst state haha.


Took it apart, added an additional screw (1st pic) lined the faceplate up with the groove from the back cap (2nd picture). Some light trimming on the ear piece and the gap is now gone!.. in the front. In the back it is raised and the additional screw i had added shows a bit. Will this be a big problem for approval or should I fix it up?(4th pic)



And did the holes for the hearing assist microphones by drilling with the biggest bit I had then using an exacto knife to get it to a good fit..


Mounting of the board/battery just a temporary position. Still have fans with a bracket and a voice amp system to install along with padding.


I had decided to redo my right forearm and after removing all the e6k gunk and recutting for a better fit and form, I left the inner cover strip to cure to finish for the night.


Was very happy to finally make progress on the bucket!a1b163771dcf2a1f3b4e9f3d2da66d9d.jpga5d4ba2e545cb55f8c73cc96b752aad5.jpg7d8f2a5cb3b489e65220f473be46a9a8.jpgc1840215f72f9eb1267bb3f2b4b9d44b.jpg572d2d030bc8f98740cda44cc017c40d.jpgade8e0ca369dff2f3ac35d0a2186f8e9.jpg5ad9660db0c9043439827ad373aecd7d.jpg3aafb563cf8abf0b6d1a90ceda0228bb.jpg


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feel bad for neglecting this build thread but I've been pushing full steam ahead to finish it..  so I've made a TON of progress since last post.

I was able to attend an armor party with my local Garrison (shoutout to Tyranus!) which set me up to be able to finish it by getting proper measurements for the thighs and shins.




We removed 3 inches from the top of the thighs (relatively short at 5'8" here!). For the cover strips went with 40 mm on advice from Garrison members.

Got the inside of my hemlet wired up. Though I was very sad to see that Ukswrath added a usb power and splitter option for his hearing assist not long after I got mine lol  I have since added padding, and the decals and paint on the front are complete except for the vocodor which i have to redo. Also need to glue in the mesh. Hot glue gun the a to go with that? Its a reaaaally tight fit in the helmet so I may move the icomm to the chest. was hoping to get it all in bucket.




Cover strips on the rear shin. Indusstrial strength velco with e6k for extra measure


Think I got enough clamps  on there ;P 



Finished the belt as well. here's how i measured for cutting the edges:




Side shims! Though I have already entirely re-done them from this pic. originally made them 4", remade them slightly longer at 4.5" but also painted them with White Gloss paint from Testors, and made the inner "cover strip" much longer (about 6") for a better hold. Currently they secure to the front ab with industrial velcro. will be adding snap plates as well. Received the Rivets from JustJoseph over the weekend and will add them if I have time but only for looks, they will be non functional. Not worried about it at the moment since they arent required for basic approval.





Had a bit of a cooking sesh with my armor!



mmm, delicious bicep four our appetizer!



Followed by some thighs for the main course.




Hot water bath worked great to get a more rounded shape on both sets of armor :) No plastic was eaten, I assure you!





Okay serious question now... I think I might have goofed. Are these the wrong buttons/will they cause a rejection?


or do I have to use these:



Aaaand. Excited to show off my 90% completion photo!  Had to prop  my phone and voice comand to take the photo since I was alone, so couldn't get a full body shot but... 




Pretty proud of where it's at! I painted and glued the ab buttons after this so that is done.


Awesomecon is NEXT week! and unfortunately have to go out of town this weekend starting tonight so I'll have a mad dash Sunday afternoon to try and get the following done:


-Add snap plates to kidney plate and make the Female straps to go along with them.

- Ammo thigh pack, trim and attach with double cap rivets (obtained!)

- fix paint on vocodor

- (fingers crossed I don't have to redo belt buttons lol)

- straps for bicep to forearms and sewing in the snap for pauldrons. 

- sew  pattern on hand guards.


Optional stuff i'll do if there is time after approval

- side rivets

- move some electronics from helmet to chest.



-get pictures and submit them for approval!!



if anyone could give me some insight about the belt buttons, that would be much appreciated! thanks for reading :)

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update on buttons, in case anyone else in the future ever does the same thing and is wondering.  My GML said the buttons are fine, but they should not be raised,  I'll have to remove the return edges and should be good to go.


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I will post a few more pics of my build soon, but had to share the good news. Submitted my pics last night at like 8 to my GML, he had one correction for me to make (shoulder bells lwere a tad low) fixed that, sent a pic showing the correction, he approved it, and HQ sent me the approval email around 1230 am.. WOW just wow on that turn a round.  

so thank you to Garrison Tyranus GML (Frank) for your quick review and feedback. thank you tkrestonova (Brian)  for your constant help through out the process, answering my random facebook messages about small questions haha. JonHagg for your valuable insight. UKswrath for your awesome, awesome thread that helped me through a lot of the process. And the many of you who have helped me get here. TK 20420 looking forward to many troops!

Hello again everyone, just wanted to say that I got my approval email from HQ this morning, Officially a 501st member! TK ID is 20420  :stdance: 
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