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  1. Thanks for sharing your build. I'm applying to your Garrison. I'll need some help with adjusting my armor maybe I can ask for some advice Congratulations on your build Marc
  2. hi Everyone Thank you for the warm reception. tkrestonva, from your name, I'm just around the beltway from you. I live in Alexandria. I signed up for access to Garrison Tyranus and look forward to meeting new friends. Thanks again for the welcome! Marc
  3. Hi! I'm Marc, I've done various volunteer work over the years. Over the past six years my wife and I worked with putting our boxer mix through two years of training to become a therapy dog and then volunteered with her in working with at-risk kids at libraries, wonderful people at retirement homes, hospitals, and hospice. However, it appears that it's time to give our beautiful dog a break from her duties. So my wife suggested joining the 501st and combine my love of stormtroopers with charity work. I have a set of rubies armor that I heavily modified abou
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