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501st Stormtrooper Detachment Chain Of Command


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If you have any question concerning the Stormtrooper Detachment or Whitearmor.net, here is a list of officers and web staff.

501st First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment Command Staff

Please make sure you contact the appropriate staff member for any issues you may have.

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General Staff duties

- Work with the Communications Officer as a staff writer to submit monthly newsletter content.

- Contribute as a staff member to staff discussions.

- Act as a moderator should the Provost not be online and the need arises.



Detachment Leader (DL)

The DL has both the ultimate authority and the responsibility for ensuring that the detachment is healthy and fully operating in accordance with the Legion charter and the Detachment Vision/Charter. They are ultimately accountable for the success of the detachment as a functioning part of the 501st Legion.

- Be the primary point of contact for the detachment in all Legion level communications and policies,

- Be the primary representative on behalf of the detachment to the Legion.

- Actively represent the detachment in on the Legion boards.



Executive Officer (XO)

The XO’s primary role is to be the backup to the Detachment Leader in his/her absence, and to assist the DL in the managing of the detachment.

- Assist the Detachment Leader with any duties required to ensure the staff and forum are running smoothly.

- Ensure that the Legion census is correct.



Provost Marshall (PRM)

The PRM’s primary role is to be the senior moderator of the forums.

- Monitors board activity to ensure that posts and members comply with detachment forum rules and guidelines.

- Is the primary arbiter of disputes between members.

- Runs all detachment polls and ensures that they are fair, accurate, and transparent.


Imperial Sentry (FM)


The FM team primary role is to moderator the forums and help ascent the Provost and detputy Marshall (PRM) (DPRM) in any arbiter of disputes between members.

Monitors board activity to ensure that posts and members comply with detachment forum rules and guidelines.



Intelligence Officer (INT)

The INT (a.k.a. S2) has primary oversight of all Imperial Reception Center tutorials, their completion, and keeping them current.

- Promoting and policing the coolest armor building techniques to the TIPS and HOWTO forum and keeping it current.



Membership Officer (MEM)

The MEM (a.k.a. S1) is the primary point of contact with regards to membership issues on the forums.

- Welcome new members to the FISD, and offer advice as needed on resources to get started.

- Handle board access change requests.

- Primary point of contact (POC) for Helpdesk requests.

- Own the welcome packet & related content.

- Primary owner for Reception Center welcoming information.

- Welcome new TK's to the ranks when their status changes.



Field Training Officer (FTO)

The FTO (S3) is responsible for maintaining all costume standards and costume recognition programs.

- Ensures that the CRL's are accurate and up to date.

- Keeps up to date on new discoveries relating to costume building techniques.

- Owns the Expert Infantryman program and ensures that standards are kept up to date and applicants are

processed in a timely manner.

- Owns the Centurion program and ensures that standards are kept up to date and applicants are processed in a timely manner.

- Reviews the GML costume review thread on the Legion board and ensures feedback is given in a timely manner.

- Coordinates with the Intelligence Officer and Tactical Officer to ensure there is consistency in content between the CRLs, Reception Center, and relevant forum areas.




Merchandise Officer (MBO)

The MBO (a.k.a. S4) is the primary point for all detachment merchandise runs.

- Ensures that all merchandise is approved by the Legion MBO and the FISD DL for compliance with all rules and guidelines prior to going on sale.

- Handles payment and fulfillment for merchandise runs.

- Keeps accurate records and resolves any disputes regarding orders with the membership.

- Creates and maintains a merchandise calendar/plan for the year.



Public Relations Officer (PRO)

The PRO (a.k.a. S5) will oversee all external communcations from FISD to our current and prospective members, and overseeing all PR campaigns for the detachment. Duties include:

- Coordinating and ensuring the timely publication of the detachment newsletter.

- Ensuring that the Facebook and Twitter accounts are maintained and evangelized.

- Advising and coordinating all internal and external PR and communcations on behalf of the detachment



Deployment Officer (DO)

The DO (a.k.a. S7) ensures that all Expert Infantryman and Centurion applications are reviewed and processed in a timely manner.

- Ensure new TK's are informed about the EIB/Centurion programs.

- Review, comment, and pass judgment on EIB/Centurion threads.

- Change trooper status when EIB is achieved, including updating the thread title.

- Primary POC with the IPM for getting EI photos processed/posted.

- Work with troopers to achieve EIB status through individual mentoring as time allows.

- Work with the Imperial Propaganda Team, acting as a staff liaison.



Tactical Officer (TAC)

The TAC (a.k.a. S8) is the primary owner of FISD board organization, making sure that threads are properly listed in the correct areas.

- Checks the board regularly for outdated threads that need to be deleted or moved.

- Review and compile an ongoing list of the most helpful tutorials and promotes their visibility, working with the other officers to ensure they get published in areas like the welcome letter, Reception Center, etc.

- Keep track of comments on other boards (Legion, MEPD, SpecOps, BSN, and BlizzardForce) for threads pertinent to the FISD.



Webmaster (DWM)

The WEB (a.k.a. S6) ensures that the forum and Reception Center are running smoothly at all times.

- Ensures that the forum software is up to date, and works with the Site Admin to ensure upgrades happen smoothly.

- Owns and is responsible for the overall look/feel of the site.

- Creates custom code and skins as needed.

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