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Humperdingle's CFO ROTJ Shock Trooper

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Hmm. Might be filled in a bit too much.. You still want to see the outline of where the teeth are. Or it could just be the lighting. ;)

Yeh I dunno, maybe if someone has unlocked level 70 and shock trooper can get me a nice close-up on the helmet. Most of the reference pics i've seen close-up are renders and not actual in-game shots.

it's definitely changeable :)

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I should probably put a couple of photos here of my (long gone) BF Shock trooper, due to the great Photobucket purge...


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27 minutes ago, SolidScrafty said:

We need your kit to be the CRL model. Mine is up last I checked and it was never even approved as a costume.

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It was supposed to be... I did send the pics to FISD folks to be Photoshopped but never happened in the end.

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3 hours ago, SolidScrafty said:

That doesn't seem right. Mine was only put in there for the sake of having something there temporarily. They said it would be replaced soon... back in August 2016 lol.

I know lol... maybe they just got bored of the stripey red guy :D

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