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TFA TK Build Threads in Public

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If you want your TFA TK build thread moved from the 501st only area to the public FISD forums please PM me and I will move it for you. Offering this to everyone who has a TFA TK kit is the right thing to do in the name of transparency. 


However, I don't think you should do it. 


I am weary from Anovos related drama and member concocted intrigue. People's strong opinions about the Anovos TFA kit have wasted, continue to waste, the detachment's and the Legion's time and energy. There is nothing at stake here in the "we're all plastic spacemen" way. I am of the opinion that it is better for everyone to just keep the build threads in the 501st area as Anovos requested because the possible uproar just isn't worth it to any of us. We should be trooping more and making fans/kids smile not thinking any more about this nonsense. FISD should be helping people build stormtrooper armor and making them look their best. That's what we do. We help people build stormtrooper armor. 


The costume belongs to the detachment and it is FISD's responsibility to careful caretakers of the CRL and the ensuing build threads. I believe that the responsible thing to do is to keep them in the 501st area. They are helping those who need it. 


I was one of the Alpha 50. I know how hard everyone has worked on their armor. I'm aware of how emotional and heated this subject is for the first 50. I saw it all unfold before and after Celebration. It is my dedication to them and those that have followed them that I am offering to move these threads. 


The metaphysical question of what an NDA is can be debated around and around for days. Who is bound by the NDA? Certainly not FISD as near I can tell. With that said, if there is fallout for allowing the build threads outside the 501st area the blame should rest solely on me, the detachment leader. Should Anovos or the LCOG come a'knocking, it is my door their knuckles should be pounding on. 


Why are the threads in the 501st area right now? The short story is that no one on staff from Anovos ever contacted myself or any of the staff about this issue. Some one posted something TFA TK related on FISD that caught the attention of an unspecified someone somewhere. Shortly after that the secret squirrel TFA TK Facebook group (the conducing of legion related matters on the extremely ephemeral facebook will be the death of our costume club) blew up with demands that FISD move all the threads to the 501st area. Not one person officially requested this of me. In a panic FISD moved the threads. Here we are a month and change later and things have calmed down.


On 9/18, the day after the junior high schoolyard rumor mill caused us to move the threads out of the public, I opened up a support ticket with Anovos asking for guidance. Five minutes later I received a response (fastest response from Anovos ever) saying that they need run it up the chain and they would get back to me. I set some deadlines. I was adamant. I sent a followup message on the 23rd. On the 24th of September I received two sentences after my lengthy diatribes on several subjects. The relevant one is as follows:


As for any information relating to the marketing kit, as this is solely for the 501st, all information must be contained on 501st forums.


Please do as you want and let the chips fall where they may. I will move your threads on request but I'm requesting everyone to leave them where they are.


I would also urge everyone who has an Anovos TFA TK kit to find more space in their heart to be grateful for the opportunity to wear the costume now and down the road. Say what you want about Anovos' business practices (and there is a lot to say, little good) it's pretty f'n cool that the Legion is able to go out and make people smile in these costumes. 


Less debate. Less drama. More trooping. Stop what you're doing. Walk away from your computer or tapatalk, put in your costume and make a Star Wars fan's day. 


This thread will be locked because any further Anovos debate is a distraction from FISD's mission. 



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