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E-11 squirt gun

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Just finished converting an old Hasbro into an E-11 squirt gun. I had hoped to integrate the new hardware with the old sound and lights, but it didn't work, partly because there simply wasn't enough room inside the blaster for everything, and partly because I couldn't make the motor run using the existing battery and wiring. I know next to nothing about electronics or plumbing, so this was very much a trial and error prone adventure. 


I therefore gutted the interior of the Hasbro, grinding out just about everything that didn't serve to hold it together. I wired a 9-volt battery to a switch (I had to fashion a little bracket to hold the switch out of ABS) and an aquarium pump. The pump draws water from a small plastic bottle in the rear. It was necessary to install a check valve into the bottle for it to draw air when the pump is on. The valve likes to leak sometimes (I think it tends to stick open, a problem that can be solved by blowing on it), so I drilled a relief hole in the back of the blaster for it, so it will not leak inside the gun. To refill it, I made the resin piece on the end removable, and provided extra slack in the tubing. I just pull off the cap, pull out the bottle and refill.


When the gun was screwed back together, I found that the motor was constricted so tightly (even after shaving off non-essential bits of it) that it would not run. I had to cut a small relief hole for it just below the magazine. That worked fine, and remains hidden owing to its location.


The cosmetic pieces are from one of Striker's kits. When I reassembled the gun, I was careful to use E6000 on pieces that I may have to pry apart later, if it needs servicing. The 9-volt fit snugly into the old battery compartment, once I replaced the wiring and ground out a little bit of plastic, so it can be replaced easily enough via the compartment cover. 


The range works out to be about 6 feet on a fresh battery. It chews through both the water and the battery pretty fast. But it works!


I'm ready for those smart-alecky boy scouts now.  



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