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Yes, I'm short for a Stormtrooper. Armor help

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Okay so first post. I've been reading a lot trying to find the best armor for myself. I've already heard some opinions on others armor and have already emailed a couple people on kits. But, I'm 5'1, (girl), and not as skinny as a lot of troopers( Though I'm not that big, mostly around the chest and thighs). Like someone I read about I don't have a lot of money, but I'm not 18 yet. So, I've got some time. Any ideas?

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^ Aaron is right. I am a similar size ^_^ I am 5'2'' and I most def have a feminine figure lol so much that my rear plate cannot contain my bottom..... seriously, I just split my thigh last weekend LOL but its repaired. Always double up reinforcement on your shims.


All in all... here are a list of my modifications to make this AP armor fit my 5'2'' frame


  • Trimmed a small amount off the bottom of the shins.
  • Removed two or three inches off the top of the thighs while following the curvature of the armor.
  • Add tapered cover strips to the back of my thighs since I have a wider bottom than most men lol
  • Trimmed an inch off the kidney
  • Trimmed two inches (one inch on both sides) length wise from the biceps and still had to overlap them significantly
  • Trimmed an inch and half from the end of the forearm and added foam inserts.
  • Trimmed the hand plates to fit my hands exactly
  • Separated the cod from the abs, removed an inch and put it back together with abs paste and epoxy
  • Add shims to the abs to meet the kidney flush.


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