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Possible recast alert......mods please move if miss posted, help required

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Hi guys, fellow prop maker over on the r.p.f needs some help. Animefan has spotted his ironman helmet being recast and sold on ebay. The same guy also offers a stormtrooper helmet so I wondered if anyone here could shed any light on the seller. The disturbing thing is that Animefan only sold his helmet on the rpf so that may mean a member there is involved in recasting. Of course it's entirely possible that the ebay seller bought it from someone on the rpf who has no knowledge of the intended use but I think that it's irrelevant what film we are all into, recasting is something that we are all in this community, anxious to prevent where possible.


The ebay seller in question is atom_kinder, if anyone has anything that would help, I know it's appreciated.


Thanks guys

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Have you tried contacting ebay to see if they can do something about it?-----------------


Also, try contacting one of the makers here directly and see if they've ran into this sort of problem and what they did.

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Thanks for the suggestion, some guys are telling ebay that it's a forgery or something, but then the seller ends the listing and lists it again. Then it's reported again etc etc etc. the original artist has only just found out and I guess it takes a while for ebay to do anything if ever, he has plenty of previous screen names, cylon_trader is one that is 'known' also hollywoodpropmasters was another previous reincarnation, it's more trying to find out who he is so he can be banned from these types of forums to prevetn him ripping off other peoples work more than anything. I just thought maybe the stormie helmet might be known here.

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Thanks for posting here darthgarth



The Mando helmet im pretty sure is an original creation of someone on the mando mercs.


Yes it a NME props assassin helmet. He is also recasting asok's boba helmet and a efx pcr trooper helmet. Well everything he sells is a recast. Really poorly too I might add. Just and fyi for people to avoid him. This is also the same guy who ripped people off on this board a few years ago with jawa blasters. He is bad news stay away.



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