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Custom Vinyl Work

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I don't know of anyone putting out custom vinyl product.... Leather looks a lot better anyway and is worth the higher price tag. I would take up Vern on his offer if I were you.

An alternative would be Delta13. He specializes in Fett parts, but can also do custom work, in any color you choose. I don't think he's active on the FISD, but I've seen him on the BHG as well as the Mercs. You will have to register if you want to get in contact with him. 



Come to think of it...I'll be needing a leather girth belt for my Mando pretty soon...

Vern, expect a PM when I get funds together.  :)

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I have a professional leathersmith with 35 years experience. he does all my sewing work.

I cut out the patterns from leather from tandy, and he sews them up.


we can produce any color of leather needed.

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