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NOOB looking for answers


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HEY GUYS!! alright so im about to pull the trigger on a RS Prop Masters ABS storm trooper kit..... now.. i really wanted to go with a sand trooper but jus thinking about having to dirty up and paint my armor scared me.. then I realized a few of the pieces such as the knee plate ect... 


I then thought about the HWT. (new to these abbreviations so i feel pretty cool using them) Now i was wondering... is the HWT same as a regular stormtrooper? only of course more pouches, backpack ect.. 

Also is the backpack for the HWT same as the TD backpack?


Just looking for a discussion about HWT and regular troopers and all that good stuff!!! 

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Amorwise, the HWT is the same as the TK, minus the ammo boxes and thremal detonator.  The armor needs to be battle dirty as well, smudged up good but not as dirty as the Sandtroopers. The pack can be like the sandtroopers or a copy of the game used one.

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