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WiP: new TK for the German Garrison, soon.....

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Hello ,


iam Alexander and member of the German Garrison. After completeing my Vader Task. I am ready for new projects! And my next will be an ANH TK!

Yes! I will start here my WiP , and i hope you enjoy my task to fullfil my old dream of a Stormtrooper ;)


I got a few parts already, and next year  :duim:  i will get my Helmet and the rest of the parts! :duim:



Here we go:






Armor Front and backside:





















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That is correct! As i mentiond before, i got this Armor in exchange for an old Vader chestarmor. Its just the initial start for my next project! I will buy me a complete new Armor next year, 😊 Mr. Troopermaster ;)

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