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Legion Centurion Application Guidelines

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Centurion Application Guidelines




Creating Application Post

  • Request Expert Infantry Status before applying
  • Create new post in the Request Centurion Status forum
  • Format the topic title as follows: TK0123 requesting COSTUME_NAME Centurion status [ARMOR TYPE]
  • List the mandatory costume information below
  • Put photos directly into the post



Photo Guidelines


Size: Photo size larger than 800x600 (preferably 1280 x 960) to allow the DO to see your armor's details. 1024x768


Lighting: Try to take your pictures with good light. Direct sunlight is not good, as it gives hard edges. Using flash is also bad, as it creates too much contrast, colors turn out weird and will concentrate light on one point. You can put yourself next to a window during the day to get a nice indirect

lateral light, without the need to use flash or additional light sources.


Photo Background: Try to use a neutral color such as medium grey or tan. Too dark or too light backgrounds are problematic. The white armor parts or the dark underarmor parts tend to blend with those backgrounds. Try to use a solid color or simple background. Do not use white or red backgrounds.


Framing: Ensure the full body photos contain both your boots and the top of the helmet. Try to reduce the amount of space between your body and the edge of the photo. Ask the photographer to zoom or step close enough to allow you to fill up the photo with as much of you as possible.


Inserting Photos - Post your photos directly into submission post. If you are unsure how to do this, read this tutorial or ask on the forum. Do not put link to the photos in your request.


* Note: if a particular detail noted in the CRL is not clearly visible, the applicant may be asked to provide additional photos.





Application Photo Checklist




Legion Centurion Application Photo Checklist.pdf





Sample Costume Information


Mandatory Information

  • Armor = Armor Maker
  • Helmet= Helmet Maker
  • Blaster= Blaster Type
  • [Expert Infantry Request Thread URL]


  • Height = Your Height
  • Weight = Your Weight
  • Boots = Boot Maker
  • Canvas belt = Belt Maker
  • Hand Plates = Hand Plate Type
  • Electronics= Voice Electronics Maker
  • Neck Seal = Neckseal Type/Maker
  • Holster = Holster Maker



Sample Application Photos


Armor Photos


Full Body Front




Full Body Back



Full Right



Full Left



Right Side Detail



Left SIde Detail



Armor Details





Shoulder Bridge Back



Thigh Pack Attachment



Sniper Knee Attachment



Drop Box Back



Crotch/Butt Detail



Helmet Detail Photos











Hovi tip detail



Lens color (Backlit if necessary)



Accessory Photos


Ammo belt






Blaster left side



Blaster right side



Thermal detonator back



Action Shot





Interior Strapping




Abdomen Detail


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  • 7 months later...

As the new owner of a previously awarded Expert and Centurion set of armor - do those awards "transfer" with the armor or do I need to go through a process to have the certificates awarded to me? If it matters, I am the same exact size: height and weight as Bluey - the former owner of the armor.

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Awards are given to individuals and not the armor itself. A big part of it is based on how it fits you. You will need to submit a request for yourself.

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If not, you will need to submit an application to the 501st legion to your local garrison. Visit their forums for info. If you do have a legion ID, then you will need to submit for EIB first. Then Centurion after. There are instructions for submission in the forum threads

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  • 3 years later...

Would it be possible to get the same the picture that shows all the differences like the EIB level? I saw it once, the words are written in red. Maybe it's because it was not accurate anymore?

Anyway... just askin'... Thanks!


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