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REQUEST FOR: Ab to Kidney Plate Shims

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I've looked around the site, and could not find a tutorial on how to add shims between the ab and kidney plates and still get a good look.


Based on a couple of threads I've read, I'm assuming the following: is how to do this correctly


- Once you get your measurements, you add shims to both side of the kidney plate.


- Right now I have a four-inch gap between front and rear plates on both sides.


- You can have some overlap from back to front, but the gap should be minimal between the plates.


Do you have to make the joint smooth with ABS paste, or can the joint be showing?


Any help would be appreciated.

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Good question.

I can share what I did with mine.

I made the ab and kidney plate flush on 1 side and then measured the gap on the other to find out exactly how much shim I needed. Take that gap and divide by two. For your example you would have an 8 inch gap on one side so you know you have exactly 4 inches on each side.


I glued the shims to the kidney plate. Its ugly but it works for those of us who are not 160 lbs. You can then add the split rivets so you are good to go for EIB and Centurion. (Make sure they are the correct split rivets per the new Centurion req's). Hope that helps answer your question.


Usually I would point to a screen reference to help you but as far as I know, none of the screen used suits had them.


good luck,


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Thanks, Isaac.


Yes, that's how I got my measurements, I'm slightly bigger in the chest than in the waist (by like two inches) and I almost ended up with wedges for shims. I couldn't find any screen shots either, which was why I asked. I haven't weighed 165 since eighth grade, so I knew this was going to be a challenge.


Any idea where I can get hold of split rivets here in AZ?

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