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Capital City Garrison - Inc Build (Updated Jan 20, 2012)

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Progress:In Progress

501st status:Not Applied

White Armor EIB Status:Not Applied




Nov 15, 2011

Unpacked the box, went and bought a snap system.


Nov 18, 2011

Update 1: Starting to cut and measure things. Not gluing until everything is officially sized and fits, don't want to make a mistake with the gluing. Doing all the Snap Studs!

Update 2: Decided to glue all the ABS Stud Snaps into place for all the main pieces, still have more to do, but in pictures below you can see the work done. Also started to cut the leg pieces. I'm going to have to cut 2 strips for each leg and glue one for the front and back as a finish.


Nov 25, 2011

PermaPoxy-ed the front facing sides of the two elbow and upper arm parts. Attached Velcro as the connection for the rear facing parts.


Dec 10, 2011

Finished most of the sizing. Added the Over all Progress to keep you updated on what things are done! Lower body parts are fitted, waiting on boots to finish sizing. Abdomen, Kidney and butt plate are almost finished for sizing. Next update will include pictures of progress!



Over All Progress


Helmet: 100%


Neck Seal: 0%

- Still looking/Need to Order


Shoulder Straps: 50%

- Need an Idea of what type of fabric to use. Cant be like a cloth strap, tried it with Stud Snap, wore out within a few pulls of Stud Snap.


Shoulder Bells: 100%


Biceps: 100%


Forearms: 100%


Handplates: 50%

- Need to attach elastic strap.


Gloves: 0%

- Still looking/Need to Order


Pauldron: 100%


Pouches: 0%

- Still looking/Need to Order (German MP-40 Style)


Chest: 100%


Back: 100%


Under Suit: 0%

- Still looking/Need to Order


Abdomen Plate: 30%

- Needs to be trimmed on sides to fit with Kidney/Butt Plate

- Front button panel need to be glued on

- Holes and Buttons in position on abdomen plate

- COD plate was trimmed to fit... (Lol)


Kidney & Butt Plate: 70%

- Kidney and Butt plate are glued together

- Needs to be trimmed on sides to fit with Abdomen Plate


Belt: 10%

- Need to find canvas belt

- Have pieces, needs to be assembled


Thermal Detonator: 10%

- Need to find PVC Pipe

- Have pieces, needs to be assembled


Thighs: 80%

- Items fitted

- Needs to be glued using 1 piece of ABS on the front and back to cover seam.

- Ammo belt needs to be installed on Thigh


Lower Legs: 60%

- First fitting done for upper part of lower leg

- Waiting on boot for final fitting


Boots: 10%

- On order


Holster: 0%

- Still looking/Need to Order






Flamethrower: 0%

- Still looking/Need to Order


Light Saber: 0%

- Still looking/Need to Order





Things I need help with:


Dec 10, 2011

How do I connect the Abdomen and Kidney/Butt Plate along the side of the body. I have an idea trimming the sides so they touch then using a wide white elastic to help stretch if needed. (IE. Breathing Room)



Things I'm looking for:


Dec 10, 2011

U-Shaped material as trim for: Back, Chest, Abdomen, Kidney/Butt Plate (FOUND)

German MP-40 Style Pouches

ABS Filler

ABS Polish


Dec 19, 2011


White SNL /Mini - Edge Trim for Chest, Abdomen, Back...




List of Tools Used:



- PermaPoxy (5 Min) - Canadian Tire $8.99

- Dremel 100 - Home Depot $45.99

- Dremel Drill Kit (4 Assorted Drill Bits) - Home Depot $13.49

- 30 Stud Snaps (4 Pieces per Stud Snap System) (Post Snap: 59 Cents each, Stud Snap: 59 Cents each, Cap Snap: 69 Cents each, Socket Snap: 89 Cents each) - Home Depot $100 Total

- DON'T USE THESE: Stud Snap Clamp Tool (Comes with 1/8" snaps, don't use these, Just use tool) - Home Depot $100.00

- SNIP Shears (Industrial Scissors) - Home Depot $13.49

- Pencils

- Ruler

- Masking Tape (1" & 3")

- 1/2" Mini Paint Brushes 6 Pack (For PermaPoxy Glue) - Canadian Tire $3.99

- Set of 14 Assorted Mastercraft Clamps - Canadian Tire (On Sale) $7.99

- 18 Inch Metal Ruler

- X-Acto Knife

- U-Shaped Gasket

- 3/4" Black Flat Web (Strapping) - Mountain Equipment Coop 2.0 meters @ $0.85/meter

- 1" Black Flat Access Web (Strapping) - Mountain Equipment Coop 4.0 meters @ $1.00/meter

- MUCH EASIER TO USE: (3x) 10 Pack Stud Snaps with Tool - Fabric Land $6.49/each

- 2" Wide White Elastic Canvas - 2.0 meters @ 4.00/meter





Guides being Used:


Incinerator CRL:

- http://www.501st.com...:TK_incinerator


Stud Snap System:

- http://www.tonybarne...s.com/snaps.htm


Armor Attachments/Tutorials:

- Entire Armor: http://whitearmor.ne...Tutorials-armor

- Legs: http://whitearmor.ne.../Tutorials-legs

- AM Chest and Back Modifications: http://forum.whitear...showtopic=17887


Armour Examples:

- Entire Armor: http://forum.whitear...?showtopic=9964

- Entire Armor: http://forum.whitear...showtopic=17421

- Entire Armor: (Thanks to Steve): https://picasaweb.go...feat=directlink





Nov 15, 2011






Nov 18, 2011







Nov 25, 2011





Dec 10, 2011 - Problem Photos





Dec 10, 2011











Dec 26, 2011





Image Notes:


The image above was my first test fitting. Almost nothing is actually being strapped to the body (Mostly flexing to hold in place) except for the chest and back piece which is strapped at top. Currently masking tape is holding the thighs and shins together till I feel comfortable gluing them permanently. Shoulders don't have straps (Yet), So I couldn't place them on and hold them in place while taking photo. No more trimming to the armor will be done, only strapping and assembly now. :)




Motivational Music:


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Thanks guys!! :) I'm using a lot of ideas from the Centurion and EIB approved pictures :P Just trying to make sure I do everything as accurate and "Long Lasting" as I can!

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If you're going for Centurion then you should take this into account:




and perhaps do a little more trimming to the chest.


Thanks Steve for the images, Ill use those as well :)


Thanks, That was exactly something I was looking for. I'm probably just going for EIB only because my helmet is eFX... I don't need to buy another helmet to go for the extra punch... (I would love to though.. . dont get me wrong :P )


Another note, Does anyone know where I can pick up SNL /mini - Edge Trim for the required pieces of armor? (In Canada)

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Need some advice,



I've found some stretchy white cloth elastic that's about 3 inches wide. I will put that on the inside of the armor on the abdomen and butt plate to help fit the armor, It should work out.


With the trim being added it should look alot better.







The white elastic isn't permanent. This was only temp to see if it would work, I will adjust it by fixing the elastic so there is no gap (Between armor and face of elastic)... Let me know what you think... The elastic is currently horizontal, it will run vertical in one piece instead of two for final product.

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Sorry Guys (And girls) I've had a busy Christmas!! But I'm getting back in the groove.... I really want to get this done!! I have a full week here to dedicate to finishing this... That doesn't mean I'm going to speed up and do a sloppy job, I'm just at the point where everything needs to be assembled now. Everything has been found/cut/put together, Now its gluing and strapping that's left.


Here is the progress on the shins.




Edit: The left boot (facing pic), The top is a bit uneven. Once I glue the front strap over top, I will use the top as the guide and trim the bottom to maintain an even curve.

Assembled Armor as per: http://forum.whitear...showtopic=16608


Always open to suggestions and criticism.

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Here is a large update: (Again) ...






Whats completed:


Everything above the belt....


Whats not completed:


Most things below the belt...


- Need to stud snap/attach the thighs to the abdomen plate.

- Need to attach button caps over belt revits

- Need to attach middle plate on abdomen plate

- Need to add foam in locations required

- Need to assemble helmet interior

- Need to buy a pair of gloves (Those are my leather ones for driving... had to wear something for photos lol... )


Whats next after finishing the above items?


Apply to 501st Website :)

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So this is everything... Everything is connected, its all stud snapped, Velcro-ed... I could use some help with the trimming of the thighs, I feel it needs to be curved more to the butt plate and COD...


- The shoulders are a bit back... Didn't have anyone adjust them when I took pictures...

- Belt will look better when its attached properly at back...

- Abdomen plate buttons still to come...


At this point, Its built for Comfort and Picture... Id like to get a 33% ratio for Comfort, Move-ability and Picture.


Let me know what you think!

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