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Flamethrower question

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Hello everyone,


I am in the process of building a flamethrower to go with my incinerator and had a quick question. The CRL states that it: The flamethrower may be scratch built and based off of the images used in the video game. It should have a rifle body with a plasma bottle on the right side, plus a scope.



Does this mean that I simply needs to have the bottle on the right, a rifle body, and a scope and the rest I can do as I please? I am trying to make it accurate, but instead of having this piece on the front--------



Could I just have my slotted barrel extend to the end? I have no way of making that section that is raised off of the barrel. I just want to make sure I will be able to get approved with this gun and still make it like i want it (or how i can with my limited tools).


Thanks for your help,


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cut out 3x from MDF or wood (it will fit a 3" this walled PVC drain pipe)

(use 2 for the front and one for the middle) you could also make them from plastic sheets but wood is more durable



barrel cutouts ( i usually just use 5/8" masking tape for marking the cutouts, cutting on the tape line)



i use the top templates for all my flamethrowers



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i cant make that call, the LMO would be the one making the final judgment, but it should resemble the game flamethrower i would think. it is really not that long. its about the same as most bfg's BFG mg34-15 or t-21 ;) my estimate was around 36-38" from stock to tip. i wouldn't make it 20-25" though IMO it'll look stubby :P

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