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Armor Master (AM) Lite Kit Armor Highlight and Review

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On 3/24/2019 at 7:58 PM, Davin Karr said:

Hello. I am building my Sandy with the help from Gary Howe. My upper back plate is a bit too small for me. Gary told me to reach out to AM to see if i can buy a back plate from him. Gary stated that he makes armor for us bigger guys. Pictured is what I need.

I do believe i live super close to AM. I am in northern OC.

AM is best suited for larger/bigger troopers, and they do sell parts.  I have their full kit and highly recommend them.  Also, Gary knows what he's talking about, so he'll guide you well!  (We're Garrison-mates and we've also trooped together a few times.  Tell him I said hi!)

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1 hour ago, Scout said:

Where would I go to buy a kit of this nowadays?

Daves Darkside Depot is now selling the AM 4.5 versions , you can find him on Facebook. 


PM me if you would like his phone # , just got a commission build from him. Extremely durable and shiny ABS , recommend.  Take a look around there are several nice builds with his armor. 

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