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What is the TMC tk kit?

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I'm unfamilar with this kit.

Is it from TE/AP origins?

is it a good sharp kit? Anyone have this and share pics of it?



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It's from neither. It's origins are from a suit before AP and has had some modifications done after.


Here is the post from the Basic training section.


Type: T/MC

Country: USA

Contact: tray@traynichols.com or Tray on the FISD boards

Kit: .090 ABS, untrimmed, ANH Derived. Helmet is screen derived. Armor similar to TE2 and AP but with some parts being different and others being modified. The left inner shin is a duplicate of the right outer shin similar to AP. The arms (Bicep, forearm and shoulders) are the same, there is no unique left and right arm. The helmet comes with resin cast hovi mic tips, which are acceptable for EIB use, and all assembly material excluding paint. Comes with your choice of Smoked gray bubble lenses or flat dark green lenses. This is most comparable to AP with some slight changes.

Availability: No known problems obtaining this. 4-8 weeks for delivery and sometimes sooner than that.

Assembly: Seams are overlapping joints making it a reasonably easy build, though one can use finishing strips instead.

Comments: The armor is ABS, not bright white and glossy like FX. Due to material thickness lines are softer than some other makers. Will probably shine up well with Mr Sheen though.



Here are photos on me in this very same kit.



There are several members that wear this kit both here on the east cost as well as the Colorado/New Mexico area.

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