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  1. Hi Nicholas - looks like you are also registered on the Central Garrison board. Your account should be activated soon, if it is not already. Check in over there, too!
  2. Have you talked to your eye doctor about this? He/She may have other options. They might be expensive options, but they may solve your problem.
  3. I have an FX helmet and cannot wear it with my regular glasses, but it fits fine with my wrap around sunglasses (which are prescription). You might be able to get a wrap around frame with your regular lenses inserted, but the curved lenses can take a little getting used to for some people.
  4. Thanks guys - just looking for a little reassurance!
  5. Hello everyone, this is my first post at FISD - I am just taking my first steps toward getting my own TK armor. I live in Sioux Falls, SD and have been talking with some of the Central Garrison folks to help me make some decisions about what's best for me. I have been leaning toward an ANH trooper with an FX kit (I'm aware of the limitations of the FX kit, particularly the "bobblehead" reputation of the helmet). I realize this is the ESB trooper forum, but I have a question about holsters after reading this thread. I know (or think I know) that the TK's in the movie were left-handed, so the ANH holster goes on the left. I'm right handed and wondered if an ESB trooper might be better for me, with the holster on the right. But if I read this thread correctly, it sounds like the setup is designed for southpaws in either case. If I understand correctly, the grip of the blaster faces back in the ANH holster, while the grip faces forward (designed to be grabbed with a left hand crossover ) in the ESB/ROTJ holsters. Does anyone have any reference pics of correctly-holstered blasters, preferably for both left and right holsters? I guess there's no way to solve this problem, since the magazine sticks out the side of the E-11? To the veteran troopers - I suppose this isn't a big deal in actually practice, while you are trooping? Just curious - thanks for your help, and nice to "meet" you!
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