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  1. what did u use to fill the seam? polishing only needs to be done if u think that it needs to be done. different for everyone...
  2. good job without repainting the bucket Did u polish the crack afterwards?
  3. TK 8142 reporting for duty and asking access Jerry Jurez Belgian Garrison, Northern Division http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember...cfm?userID=9182
  4. can't find the store on ebay?
  5. Welcome!! From Luxemburg means that u are also Rich? (like in having lots of money? ) Greetings from the Belgian Garrison
  6. welcome! and enjoy the ride!
  7. Hey Justus, nice to see u found your way to this board... welcome!!
  8. sexy stuff I love it!!! EDITED FOR LANGUAGE
  9. would be cool! I love it!! bring on the shirts!
  10. Hey ppl, I was just wondering, does anyone have the same problem as me? Most of the ppl I know (except for my fellow Garrisonmembers of course) think I am a geek or a freak,just because I like Star Wars and wear a Stormtrooper from tim to time? I don't feel like a geek at all and hate it when people are so narrowminded. Anyone else ever been called a geek or a freak because of his hobby?
  11. 29, but getting 30 in 5 days!! OMG!!
  12. Tornado Tom !!! Well, we hope he ahs a good season this year!!
  13. The armorI've bought has all this I think,although there isn't a canvas-belt I think. Easy to ad later I suppose? Also not sure about the colors of the dots on the ab-plate. I thought they were all black...
  14. Anyone who can help me out with the 501st standards regarding the ANH-armors? What are the things u must have to be approved for the 501st? With kind regards, jerry
  15. rikush

    Happy Easter

    yeah, with lots of CHOCOLATE eggs,not bunny-droppings. LOL
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