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  1. Honestly, it's beginning to look more and more like a Rubies costume.
  2. Really good to hear. That commercial is just awesome! .)
  3. You are really going all out on this... cool.
  4. Now THAT blaster is gonna rock! Looks like you have things well under control.
  5. No chance. You'd have to be at least 1/2 scale or larger and even then you had to factor in child-proportions, as they are simply not built like an adult
  6. Very interesting work. Looking forward to seeing the progression of this. Vac-forming the parts in this scale is insane... but... you seem to have the hang of it. Have a few suggestions on the chest armor. Just under the raised chest section at the front, it looks too curved, where you can see in most reference that it is a bit flatter, and how things are angling in a bit down towards the lower edge. Also, the lower edge should have a softer, rounder curve across, rather than the somewhat pointy look you have going currently. Can't wait to see more.
  7. So that's what he tried to vac-form from that rough mold? He had all that time to make that mold... but he only barely finished half a side in what is a classical *do a quickie from a mold* version. Yup, I'm not buying it.
  8. And just wondering how he would actually try to vac-form over something looking like that POS.
  9. It's very easy to see how that "cleaned up" side was made. Outside mold, splash in some resin or filler, plop it onto the rough grounded mold, let it cure and you have clean, somewhat accurate looking shapes. Not proving anything with that shot, as that is so simple to fake. And it's note-worthy how the face buck is only roughly finished on one side and not at all on the other, even with a sharp dividing line between "rough face shape" and the blank side... and the same sharp dividing line is seen in the cleaned up version, again, suggesting the use of a mold even for making the initial
  10. It will happen, but it's sad that even before his armor is out, people are speculating in when it will be recast. Recasting is only worth it if there are buyers for said recasts - meaning people who don't care about SiMan or his efforts in bringing this to the community. If you want 100% perfect sandtrooper armor THIS is the one to get. You still need additional pieces to make it into a stormtrooper, such as ab details and proper knee plate, drop boxes and other things. Will the other armor makers be out of a job? Probably not. The legitimate ones may experience a lag in cost
  11. Looking awesome. If you are going to re-do the frown, perhaps go for a semi-gloss or matt finish instead of gloss?
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