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  1. Hey. Yeah, I am very familiar since I live in Valrico! I was just looking over your build thread and it's looking nice! Are you going for Centurion? Maybe once this whole COVID thing goes away, I'll be on my way and I can take a look at your armor. Good luck on finishing it up as well.
  2. One other question I forgot to ask since I was just doing some additional research...the RS Prop Stunt, I am 6'1, are there any concerns with adjusting it to my height or are the molds built for anyone's height?
  3. Yeah, I think I will opt for the IB since they will be less maintenance. I am assuming the IB's are Centurion approved?
  4. Are any of the boots out there for the ANH Stormtrooper armor, white from the factory or are they black and then painted white? I noticed on a lot of Youtube videos from armor makers that they purchase black boots and use shoe paint. It looks nice out of the gate but with the edges of the shin guards, the paint starts to scuff up on the front and rear side.
  5. Yes, i think am going to go for the Stormtrooper Stunt from RS PropMasters. And thank you for the offer to help. This forum is great and the people are even better!
  6. @TheSwedeand @TKSpartan thank you so much for the replies. I will probably go the route of self-building as I want the experience of building it out and I do have the name of a local builder that's part of the squad, that I could reach out to, if I needed the help. Thanks again! Now on to saving some $$$.
  7. I would like to ask, is there any difference between ordering the RS Prop Master Kit and the Fully Commissioned, other than the fact that the fully commissioned is a bit more expensive? I am venturing to guess, if you don't have the time to build out your own armor, the fully commissioned route is the way to go?
  8. These are all so great looking. Would love to see more custom trunk pictures. I'm looking to eventually join the 501st and these provide some great ideas for my future build! Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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