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  1. Hey! I'm still a pretty green member of the DSG and live up in Flagstaff. If you need help with anything, feel free to message me. We've got some knowledgeable TKs up here, but one person I might recommend you trying to get in contact with is Mike Culp (TK 1636) I believe you are watching his youtube tutorials, but I've been told he still does one-on-one building sessions. He's basically the garrison's most expert armor builder.

    I hope to see pics of your armor soon!

  2. So to me it looks like a Phase III Stormclone with a jump pack. Currently there is only one person with the correct files for those and that would be Eric here. 

    It's 3d files so you'll need to print them out yourself or find a printing service. I don't think there's any chance you'll get this done by Halloween, sorry! For the jet pack, you'd need to check with the clone detachment for info on that. We just specialize in (mostly) stormtroopers.

  3. On 9/16/2021 at 1:14 PM, MintImperial said:

    Sorry if I’m coming to this really late.
    Amazing thread. You’re crazy talented. Not to mention devoted.


    I kind of stumbled across this as I was interested to see if anyone ever made an EVA foam butt plate to swap out with their, say, ABS plate for troops where there’s a chance to sit down.


    If you don’t mind me asking: how flexible is your butt?! :lol:

    Can you actually sit down with your armour?

    I know a trooper in my garrison who did some rather... interesting modifications to their sandy to allow them to sit down. This was namely cutting the abdomen plate in half with the seam hidden under the belt. He is very proud of that modification lol.

    When it comes to EVA foam, I think as long as you heat seal it and make sure the back itself is extra reinforced, it should be fine.

  4. Dave seems like an awesome dude! I still need to send him the submission photos for my AM kit!


    I thought it adventurous of him when he first introduced his helmet fan kits (Which I can attest to being seriously AWESOME), but all the various backpacks too? When I heard CrookKnight was stepping down I felt pretty sad about it. Dave is probably my top pick to inherit his legacy, considering the good he’s done with the AM bucks.

  5. 6 hours ago, Johnny Karate said:

    Okay, just to let you guys know: I am reviewing the individual files for maximum printability and I ran into an issue on the Abdominal Section. Some meshes were colliding, causing gaps and holes in some slicing programs. I use Cura, Ideamaker and Simplify3D. While Cura usually handles those issues really well and forgives some mesh defects (like overlapping volumes), Ideamaker and S3D are not as forgiving. While I'm on it, I will make the abdominal boxes separate. That way it is easier to print and post process. I saw that the updated CRL features those as well (finally)...


    Hang on, I will give an update with pictures soon.

    Have you taken your files to an online repair service? That might help fix those issues.

  6. 0. Fourth of July Parade @ Flagstaff Arizona, 7/4/21 - Wrangler

    My Imperial training complete, my civic duty called for me to assist troopers in the first major operation since the plague swept this portion of the galaxy. This was the single largest gathering for this particular event in recent history. As I marched alongside my future brethren, an announcer pulled me aside to ask what my "costume was", before rhetorically asserting that my "costume" was that of a "fan". The nerve-the audacity! I was a future trooper after all! I have no idea how I could be confused with a spinning mechanical component. I don't even look like a droid! I merely answered truthfully yet respectfully that I was there to ensure the safety of the troopers and ensure they had adequate drink. Should the need arrive provide assistance if necessary. I will not forget his insolence, my wrath will be great. Despite this insult, I carried on to the completion of the march. Afterwards, we arrived at a commissary which found itself understrength despite a warning in advance. Holo-net interference seems to be a likely culprit. Despite this, the mission was a success.



    8/10/21 ANH TK (Stunt) Approved


    1. Free Comic Book Day @ Flagstaff Arizona, 8/14/21 - ANH-S TK

    All forces gathered on time and we geared up. Operators of a local food establishment took particular notice of us, we kept the location of this "Tikki Bar" in mind and will perform a closer inspection of their cuisine later. Much Imperial relief was gathered for the Imperial mandated food drive. Mission Successful.



    2. Coconino County Fair @ Flagstaff Arizona, 9/3/21 - ANH-S TK
    Arrived Late due to local fair gate attendant requiring authorization I did not have. Despite asserting they need not need to see my identification, it was to no avail. Lord Kylo would soon arrive on the scene and granted me access to our staging area where the rest of our task force was gearing up for the mission. First few hours went well. After a few hours of mobilization, Three young rebel rabble rousers compromised the mission and we were forced to retire early. Our scout trooper commandeered local transportation - further documentation will be provided in the near future as evidence. Despite trouble makers, Lord Kylo learned the meaning of friendship. In light of this, I can say that this patrol was not a complete waste of Imperial resources. Mission successful.

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  7. 8 hours ago, Johnny Karate said:

    Okay, holy **** I haven't been on here for a WHILE and my inbox was full with questions about this armor thread. Truth is, i did finish the model and somebody who wanted to make vacuum form molds of the armor wanted me to model it exclusively for him. I agreed on that since he "hired" me. After that the guy did not hold up his end of the deal and the whole project got so frustrating to deal with, that i stepped away from it. Until then I had modeled the TFA as well as the TLJ options of the armor in close contact to some people from the 501st to give feedback for the models and keep them as accurate as possible.

    I was contacted by someone on this forum through my FB profile and we talked about the possibility to make the files available. I am currently going through my files to make them easy to understand for anyone who will be printing the for themselves. I will set up a digital download through my etsy page (https://www.etsy.com/shop/Die3DSchmiede). I have made a mold for the TLJ helmet but haven't sold anything for a while because I was busy elsewhere.


    To anyone who tried to contact me: I am sorry for not getting back to you. And if you are still looking for this armor file, this is your chance to get on board.




    It’s really awesome that you’re doing this! I’m sorry that first contract didn’t go according to plan, but this is a huge step forward for FOTK! I might print myself a set at some point in the future.

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  8. I was in a state of limbo with my AM 4.5 build with updates coming in months at a time. What finally got me to finish my armor was wrangling for the first live troop since Covid at the 2021 Flagstaff 4th of July Parade. Having over 100 members of my garrison showing up was awesome and so I quickly got motivated and submitted my photos.


    I am a little on the heavier side hence the Armor Master build, but I was super conscious about my weight and felt less and less motivated as I put on the armor, much less submit my photos for approval.


    after the parade, I took a deep breath, asked my local garrison members to help take the photos for me, and sent them off to the GMLs. Two weeks later, I get an email saying that I got accepted into the legion without any modifications needed. That gave me the confidence boost I *really* needed, and made me excited for my first troop that was just a few days away.


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  9. 3 minutes ago, gmrhodes13 said:

    That's very weird, I'm wondering could that E-6000 be a knock off brand, there was some circling the globe a while ago.


    I've trooped events over 39deg C and never encountered the glue melting or parts coming apart.

    Looking up E-6000 on multiple websites says that it can only withstand up to 32 degrees for prolong periods and up to 40 degrees for short periods. Not ideal for areas where it can reach 44c in the shade, let alone sitting in a hot car traveling a few hours from point A to B here.

  10. On 8/26/2021 at 1:58 PM, Sawanator said:

    It's all clamped up right now while it cures. 


    I will for sure post photos once it's done.


    I really like the idea of double cover strips. I'm sure that will help immensely. We were planning to do this for the shins which obviously take a lot of stress. Should we plan to do double for all limbs?

    If so. Can you do both at the same time?

    So happy for this forum. You are all awesome!

    All my limbs have double strips on them. The area they are most important is the shins though, but you’ve already caught on to that!


    I should also mention that depending on where you you two are, don’t troop in the heat with E-6000. While the stuff is great when building, but the garrison I’m with has had issues of the E-6000 melting and coming apart in the Arizona heat. Most of the troopers I know use super glue which definitely has its drawbacks.

  11. 5 hours ago, Cheeseballs said:

    first coat of flat black on the blaster. i masked of the silver rivets and screws i added so they would show through



    Something to keep in mind for further accuracy is that the scope is made of brass, with the handle being plastic.

    That being said, it only really matters if you were planning on weathering your blaster at all. With the scope, learning to drybrush can allow you to achieve some realistic details.

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  12. 1 minute ago, Sawanator said:

    So took a look after 12 hours to clean up the e6000 residue. Definitely a learning curve to the glueing. I. Worries the way the biceps came together, before flying. They met, but they seemed to meet at a bit of an angle. I thought the glueing and clamping would just balance that out, but when I took. The clamps off, it looked like the force of the bowing was going to rip the cover strip, so I re-clamped and will probably leave it for a full 72 hours just in case. 


    James hasn't glued his yet, so I will get him to snap some pics and see if there may be a preventative fix.


    The only thing I can think for mine is to use a heat gun and gently reshape it a bit.


    Are you doing double cover strips? If not, I highly recommend having internal cover strips + external ones. Those provide the extra rigidity for armor.


    i’m always weary of using hot glue guns. Especially since AM kits are thicker than most so it might take a little extra time/force to get them to shape and provide a higher risk of making mistakes. You might want to look into using boiling water to get them into shape.

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