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  1. I was considering them, I actually I use their E11, I love it. But I'm staying away for the following reasons. -I want a fun project to work on during these times -price -I cant get in contact with them, Iv'e messaged them twice in the last two months. -Most importantly, I need something that can come apart for security and storage purposes. The barrel can be removed from the receiver. In a few months i'll be moving onto a college campus and carrying a rifle like prop, even in a case, could be risky. So I would like something that can fit into make crate. Thanks for the suggestion!
  2. Hi, I'm looking for recommendations for a Dlt19. I don't want a 3D printed kit and preferably it can break down. I found a vendor call Stardust Industries on FB that sells a kit, it looks nice. Anyone have any experience with them? https://www.facebook.com/stardustindustries/?epa=SEARCH_BOX Thanks!
  3. UPDATE: After taking the TK out for it's first major walk around a neighborhood, its become clear that my TK still needs a lot of work in the leg department. I got REALLY bad bites on the back of my legs and right thigh, but not my left. I'm going to make mobility cuts and alter my legs a bit. I'll post updates when done.
  4. Ill post some photos once I get my last items in the mail and edit my armor a bit!
  5. UPDATE: Sadly I never used this as I intended too. So I’ll make this post my closing chapter on my build and as something for me to look back on for future reference. WHAT HAPPENED: With all the free time on my hands due to the pandemic, nothing was stopping me from putting down the build. I finished relatively quickly. I did little parts in January and February. However, I would say 90% of this build took place during March and April. I didn't really stop to document it all. I would say the most documentation I have is in my EIB and Centurion threads. FOR NEWCOMERS AND FUTURE ME Proper Protection! I got some small cuts during this build and a really bad one. Make sure you are careful when handling sharp tools and use proper protection! Cracks Be ready for cracks. It's not a matter of if, its a matter of when. I got a few while building, two of which were my fault. It’s going to feel bad at first, but don't let a crack stop you from this project. Worst comes to worst you can always replace the part. Snaps Don't overset them. Also, I highly recommend the double snap method from @justjoseph63. Price Be prepared to drop quite a bit on a TK, it is an investment. Keep track of purchases. Shoot for the Stars! I went into this build with the goal of hitting Centurion. I built my armor with level 3 in mind so I wouldn't have to go back and make any major changes after basic approval. Kit, not Commission! Build your kit! It's cheaper and teaches you a lot. Of course, there is nothing wrong with commissions, but I would only recommend it if you’re tight on time, not money. Heat Guns It's true, all of it. Heat guns can really mess up armor, even AM which is VERY thick ABS. You can’t notice it in photos but the corner of my backplate is slightly warped due to being exposed to a heat gun for too long. Use caution when using a heat gun. Ask for Help! Don't be ashamed to ask for help! This isn't a simple task that you are expected to know going into it. Go to armor parties, make posts on the forums, ask squadmates! SPECIAL THANKS I want to thanks everyone that helped me through this journey. I made a few separate threads with armor questions and received many responses, they were all very helpful, so thank you! @justjoseph63 and Sha Sha, thanks for your pointers and fixes you gave me throughout the EIB and Centurion process. Finally, my good friend and now squad leader @Erice3339, Eric Elg. You were the one who pushed me to make my TK when I was on the fence about. You gave me really great advice! So thank you, I can't wait to get out of this quarantine and troop with you and Fireteam Alpha in my TK! I think that wraps it up, I'll update this if anything else comes up ill update the post Thomas Hagin
  6. Thanks Eric! I cant wait to troop with fellow Fireteam Alpha troopers!
  7. Thomas Hagin 61601 EIB Letter Joseph http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/61601-eib.png 274
  8. Thanks everyone! I'll make those modifications for Centurion! Luckily, I got lots of time on my hands!
  9. Thank you! I used your threads, they were very helpful!
  10. Hi everyone! Thanks for the feedback! I'm currently modifying my armor to correct the issues stated! I'll have new photos up soon!
  11. Thomas Hagin TK-61601 Florida Garrison Everglades Squad Required Armor = Armor Master Helmet= Armor Master Blaster= Praetorian Blasters Optional Boots = Imperial Boots Canvas belt = TKittell Hand Plates = Joesph Neck Seal = Darman Holster = Darman Note: I am aware of the fitting issues at the moment. Mainly the overlap of the back plate and how the posterior plate pops out. I'm also going make mobility cuts. am currently working on fixing them. From what I've read this should affect my EIB application since its classified as fitting. This is my first hard armor costume, so I except I'll have to fix a few things. Thanks in advance! Front Back Left Side Right Side Action Shot Belt Front Belt Back Belt Note: My belt has two snaps on each side, I had to add two new snaps to make sure the belt sits right on my armor. The originals didn't. The new snaps have black dots next to them. Thermal Detonator Screws Det Note: The clips were too long, so I had to trim them. Also these screws are from Joseph's screw kit. Cod and Posterior Plate Attachment Note: The posterior plate has a crack in it, it is not visible when armor is worn. Abdomen Details Ammo Pack Rivet Ammo Pack Rivet (Inside) Knee Boots Interior Strapping Neck Seal Front Neck Seal Back Blaster Right Blaster Left Blaster D Ring Helmet Front Helmet Left Helmet Right Helmet Back Lens Hovi Tips Ear Screws
  12. Thanks guys! But it's not over yet! Still need to make some modifications to get EIB and Cen. Off topic for this post but I noticed some tks cut v shapes into the back of their calves to improve mobility. If I were to do this would it affect l2 or l3 approval? Thanks!
  13. I just got approved! Here are my approval photos:
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