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  1. Definitely will be keeping an eye out for updates on this!
  2. Just fitted for the first time today! My squad is having an armor party on the 26th. I'll probably start building then.
  3. Hey everyone! This is my first hard armor build! I'm looking for support. Thanks! Parts: Armor: AM 4.5 Helmet: AM Neckseal: Holster: Belt: Gloves: Trooping: Nomex flight gloves (eBay) with AM hand plates. Centurion: Chemical gloves (Amazon) with justjoseph63's rubber hand plates. Under suit: TSLA (Amazon) Balaclava: Amazon E11: Accessories (Won't buy till done and approved) DLT19:
  4. I'm open to other suggestions as well
  5. Hi, I'm looking for a ANH E11 made of rubber that can be approved at the centurion level. At first I was going with hyperfirm but they are no longer in business. I found Praetorian Blasters, that's my best bet right now. But last month I found out about IW selling ANH E11s that are Centurion approvable for a crazy low price, seemed a little to good to be true if i'm being honest. Anyone have any experience or products from them? Thanks! Thomas Hagin
  6. Good to know. After all, all the TKs were wonky in ANH. The guy who made my helmet and kit makes sand troopers as well. Perhaps he uses the move along mold for his TKs as well.
  7. So my kit and finished helmet just came in and I cant wait to start. @Erice3339 and I noticed some off about my Helmet. The eye on the left has two areas where the plastic boes out. I think the top was a mistake because when I loosened the visor the error became less noticeable. But the bottom feel like the maker made it intentionally, Is this accurate? Is it approachable for Basic, EIB, Cen.? Kit Maker: AM ANH STUNT
  8. Requesting 501st access. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=30752&costumeID=74
  9. Hello, my name is Thomas and I recently started to work on my TK a few days ago! So I figured now would be a good time to get involved on the forums! I am currently an ISB officer in the Everglades Squad of the Florida Garrison . My squad a a few TK's helping my on this journey so i'm in good hands! Thanks! Part List: Armor: AM Boots: IB Neckseal and Holster: Darman
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