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  1. Jamie Kingston 14627 EIB A4 Size Joseph http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/14627-eib.png 269
  2. and finally i think i've tidied up my tube stripes, how do these look chaps?
  3. Hi guys, just done some further mods as requested prior to Centurian application, how do these look? Ive also now done the belt, ie tightened it up with additional velcro and glued the drop boxes in the correct position. So i think apart from dressing issues, its now just the helmet to have a go at. Jamie
  4. ok thank you Joseph, sorry to be a pain but wanted to understand how this works. i'm hoping to try for Centurian once i get through EIB, fingers crossed. Sorry for the slight delay, based on the feedback i had i'm currently re-attaching my sniper knee which will take a few days to cure properly so toward the end of this coming week i'll re-kit up and take some new pictures. i'll post them on my request EIB status thread on the EIB status request forum and drop you a note once i've done that. thanks for coming back to me so quickly.
  5. question guys, i have 2 threads currently active, this one in "EIB Requirements" where i'm having people post helpful feedback on my armour in terms of mods required and also additional pics required (thanks guys so far) and one in "request EIB status" where i have posted my pics but nothing has happened, so..... Q - when i finally have all of my pictures ready, i'm assuming i post them all to my "requesting EIB status" thread and just wait until someone takes a look and either authorises EIB status, or suggests further mods, would that be correct or is there another process i should be following? or .... like the UKG does this current thread form my WIP then it gets reviewed along with my status request? not sure how all this works, sorry. Could someone let me know how this works please guys? Thank you.
  6. will do, thank you. i'll fully kit up again next week once i have glued my sniper knee.
  7. I've now removed the sniper knee and temporarily clamped it into what i think is the right position however the gap underneath is now much larger. Is this how it should be please?
  8. Are these not in line? Could it just have been the angle of the pics? Oh i think i see what you mean, the protruding bit behind the knee plate?
  9. Jamie Kingston UKG / 501st - TK14627 - ANH Stunt TK Casperiser UKG Armourer - CableGuy (Daniel Branton) RWA Armour (2mm ABS Capped), helmet, belt, neck seal RS Propmaster supplied boots, blaster 5' 10" height 12 stone weight
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