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  1. Cricket! Its going very slow unfortunately. I have trimmed off all of the flashing bits for all the pieces. Still nervous about removing something I am not supposed too =) Right now, I'm digging / researching into making sure I trim the correct measurements for biceps and forearms. Like cover-strip dimensions and overhang and what needs a return edge or not. I bought a bench belt sander and have been working on sanding / leveling and evening out plastic on some scrap pieces before I move to the real deal. OH I can crack walnuts with my bare hands now from the workouts from the le
  2. Thanks gmrhodes13. I had not seen many pictures of the thumbprint on left and right side. I think I am going to keep mine.
  3. My ATA kit has them on both sides. They are different in shape one more prominent than the other. Does anyone know why? Is this a specific version of TK?
  4. Hello everyone!!! I am starting the process of recording my journey for my first ever build. First off I purchased an ATA kit in mid February 2019 after being on a wait list for 2 weeks. Price was awesome and the quality of the armor was fantastic. Not just from my standards (since I could have been sent crap and probably still thought it was great) but confirming with some local members that the quality of the armor was great. Second, this being my first build I chose to go for a Centurion ESB TK. Why? From my research, mostly because I like that the holster is on the
  5. Hello everyone I am new to the fourms. I am from Roswell Ga and am in the early stages of working on my ATA TK kit. Working to make it an ESB Centurion. I just went to my first armor party this past weekend in Peach tree City and had an awesome time. Can't wait to pick y'all's brain and share my progress on my first build of many.
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