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  1. Hi mate, I've posted a WIP with pics onto the uk garrison armoury
  2. Yeh it is mate. Pain in the a very impolite person to build, but getting there
  3. Thanks for the help mate. Good to know that it's possible at least
  4. Just signed up and am currently waiting for my account to be activated. I'll get some pics ready. Thanks very much mate!
  5. I'm based in Hertfordshire in the UK.
  6. Just wanted to give my thanks to all of your responses. I've sent an email to my GML and am going to send some images of the armour through to him within the net week when I've tidied it all up.
  7. Hi guys, I'm new to all this and last year I purchased a TK UK armour, using the 2 for 1 deal so that myself and my mate could build the kit together. Gradually I've built it and it's nearly finished, it's starting to look (at least to my untrained eye) like a good looking kit. I've trimmed and cut it to make it a nice fit, I've also been using tutorials and tips from all the great folks here on these forums. But I'm also aware of controversy with the seller and the armour itself, with some forums claiming that it's not 501st approvable, although I have seen some members make it work. Could one of you fine people please point out what the faults of the kit are and what I will need to alter in order to make it work? I'll post some images of it when it's done. Many thanks in advance, Jasper
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