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  1. So I've added snaps fo my yoke and shoulder bells. Also my cat is huffing glue here. I have added velcro to the yoke and chest piece and it's holding it pretty well. And I've attached the cod piece to my belt using velcro as well.
  2. I'm not sure what I'm going to do to fill that gap on the sides. And dang I didn't realize the only seam should be in the back, I've already glued the thermal detonator in place back there. That kind of sucks that I won't be able to be 501st approved because of it.
  3. So here's another update. I sanded down both yoke pieces and have glued them both onto the back piece. I've installed the heavy duty snaps on my abdomen and kidney pieces to hold them together. These pieces are kind of small on me and the side seams do show. I also drew a chalk line on the yoke pieces to guide me in where the chest piece overlaps them so I can install velcro onto them and it can hold the chest piece in place.
  4. I think so too. I eventually will buy cloth gaskets too, And I don't think they will help fill that gap as well as the rubber gaskets do, so I definitely think a foam lining will help stabilize the pieces on my frame and keep them from moving around too much.
  5. So the rubber gaskets are definitely helping fill the gap with the lower limb pieces too. They still feel too big in certain places. Luckily I don't think I have to trim anything any more and I'll take the foam lining advice from giskard8. Now that all my rubber gaskets have been cut and glued I can move on to sanding and the snap & strapping system.
  6. So the Imperial Gaskets are definitely helping fill the gap between me and the armor. At least with the bicep and forearm pieces. We'll see how much it will help with filling the thigh and calf pieces as they are humongous on me and the main pieces I'm worried I'll have to trim. Also I see now what everyone was saying about the limited mobility with real rubber gaskets. I think I will purchase cloth gaskets for more casual events so I can be more comfortable.
  7. Lmao! Yeah, sorry my gym room was in disarray when I took that pic.That would be the optimal way to fill the space, I'm actually trying to buff up, before I can join the Air Force. They didn't want to take a 98 lbs wet girl, probably because most people lose weight in boot camp and they don't want me to wither away. I'm up to 105 lbs, just 5 more pounds to go!
  8. Solid advice right there. Yes, I definitely will have to try it on before trimming anything. I still need to cut my rubber gaskets that I got from Imperial Gaskets too, so that might help fill the space between me and the armor a bit. I like the foam padding idea too. I'll give that a try.
  9. So I bought this kit through the Armory Shop; they made it custom to my measurements and painted it for me. I appreciate the paint job they did, since I was too worried I'd mess it up. The custom fit isn't totally up to par as parts of the kit are way too big for my slim frame, but hopefully I can trim it a bit without ruining the kit. I've started connecting the yoke to the back piece and I've already ran into a bit of a snag. The two yoke pieces don't fit quite right side by side and I will have to sand down the other piece a bit to have it sit correctly. This will probably be an ongoing problem through out the project as there's a few pieces that don't fit where they should due to the paint job and will need sanding. After I get this connected properly I'll start putting together the strapping system. I've already bought the 1 inch nylon webbing straps, heavy duty snap kit and parachute buckles that I'll be needing for it. I'll keep posting updates in this thread as I go through the process of this build.
  10. Here's my painting process. I painted the elastic bands with a multi surface acrylic paint. Here they are with the masking tape removed. Then I masked off the elastic bands along with the black sole of the shoes. I then plasti dipped the rest of the shoe. I then peeled the masking tape off while the final coat was still wet and here's the final result.
  11. Update! So the customer service was a nightmare to deal with; I was emailing back and forth with them asking for a return address so I can ship them back the shoes and they kept insisting I keep them and recieve a partial refund. It became such a chore I gave up and decided I'm just going to donate the shoes. So I went back to the search in finding the right boot. And found these: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01J5WAWQK?psc=1&ref=yo_pop_mb_yo_pop_mb_pd_t2 As you can see they look as advertised upon arrival. They have some lines running along the sides but they're not really seams, so I hope it's approvable. I plan on painting them white. Any recommendations on what kind of paint to use?
  12. Obviously this is incredibly disappointing. I'm currently emailing customer service to see if I can return the item and get my money back or receive the item I was supposed to get.
  13. I have an update. I decided to take the plunge and risk ordering the boots. This is what it was supposed to look like. This is what I got.
  14. Hey Joseph, to answer your question, yes I am going for a First Order build, specifically TLJ Executioner.
  15. Hi there, I'm new here and apologize in advance if my format for this forum isn't up to par. So I know most people either purchase from TK Boots or Imperial Boots but being that I'm a Women's US size 6 which would be equivalent to a Men's US size 4, these vendors won't work as the smallest men sizes they provide would still be too big and definitely would not work for long term wear and trooping. And as many have also mentioned when searching for Chelsea Women's Boots that fit they tend to have a high heel and pointed toe which would never be CRL approved. Anyway I found a website that provides Women's size trooper boots that provide Women's US size 5.5 and up but I don't know how reputable they are. I haven't seen anyone post on here about them. My question is has anyone purchased these boots before? Do they have any issues with them? And for those who may not own them do you think they are CRL approvable? http://www.morgancreekmanor.com/womens-boots-on-sale-store-new-first-order-stormtrooper-ankle-boots-pro-trooping-version-flat-sole-jr-1451-canada-plh0110474-p-11047.html
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