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  1. Hello Tk25777 requesting 501st status https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=29042
  2. Thank you Tony. I do like the idea of putting them in the ear bumps. Just trying to find a USB splitter that will allow my 1 port charger to run both my fans and the hearing assist (I think I might have to end up buying a 2 port charger though)
  3. Hi there Before I commit to installing mine I was would be interested to see how others have done it, especially the location of the microphones. Can any one assist?
  4. 3d-Props NL blasters are designed to accommodate BlastFx
  5. Don’t sand down the ridges caused by the printing process. They were on the real thing!
  6. Sorry for the lack of updates but I have been waiting for fair weather to use my power sanders . Anyway, here is where we are now. Not happy with the grips I made new ones with corrugated plasticcard First of the DLT specific items Charging handle made from a cheap torch Making the butt plate Top feed covers coming together These make the sides of the receiver (ie the main body)
  7. Thank god I am not alone in that!
  8. Sorry fro the horrendous photo. I will try and sort something out SORTED
  9. Hi all Thought you all might be interested in seeing my first instalment of making two DLT-19s from scrap. My main hobby is scale aircraft modelling, so I have been able to use these skills to good effect. Built mainly from PVC plumbing fittings, the breech block is plasticard over a balsa wood core. The rear sight and bipod are from Super6props. I am going to complete one of these as an MG34 first, so I can take it to one of my model club meetings, before converting it to a DLT-19
  10. Thank you. I have just got an email welcoming me to the garrison. Clearly a glitch somewhere
  11. I have just tried to register on the 501st UK garrison, but when I do so I am told my user name and email is already in use. Thinking I might have already registered but forgotten about it I tried to log in only to be told the my use name and email was not registered. So can someone here who is on that forum let the admins know so this glitch can be sorted, as I do not know how else to contact them? Much appreciated.
  12. I did indeed Joseph. I thought I did a good job until I flexed my arm at my first troop the other day. Ping went my upper left and lower right arms!
  13. Thanks for the advice Joseph. I would by a set from you but I live across the pond. I will have a look for a supplier in Britain
  14. I'm having similar problems. Being a muscley chap I have had to make my cover strip 30mm wide in order for my upper arms to fit. If this prevents getting centurion approval, then do be it. At least my suit fits.
  15. Would plastic discs glued into place be an acceptable alternative to split rivets? I have a circle cutter which I use in scale modelling that would do the trick.
  16. Getting hold of 100% acetone not that as accessible as in the states. I might give the liquid cement a go
  17. Thanks for the advice. The suit is SDS, the acetone is unperfumed and clear. I will try some of the suggestions.
  18. Hello there. As the title says, I am not getting anywhere. I think it is the strength of the acetone (it is nail polish remover). Any ideas where I can get Acetone of the right strength here in the UK?
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