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  1. Ekapol Rojpiboonphun 50121 EIB  letter size Sha Sha http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/50121-eib.png
  2. Wow. Thank you very much. This has made my day~!! Also for very detailed comments. Will make sure I’ll have them addressed per your suggestions. You really have good eyes for details. Have a safe and fun travel.
  3. Will look into nomex flight gloves too. I love Mexican food and burgers. Super carnitas nachos today
  4. I’ve taken some more pictures after work. - Painted the rivets white. Also took a picture of the back side of the thigh ammo rivet. - Took pictures of the belt. - The thigh covering strip actually meets the upper side of the lower edge. It was the camera angle on the other picture. I’ve taken a picture for better clarification. - I had a big burrito lunch today, so the right side seam by the kidney plate stretch out a bit. Please excuse me. Promise to have a smaller lunch tomorrow. - I have included a lame action shot. With more practicing, I might be able to pose better. Thank you very much.
  5. Thank you so much shashachu. Phewww : ) Anovos' came that way. For the blaster, I have the thing for small plastic models growing up (and recently few Bandai 1/12th, 1/6th stormtrooper models). Was a lot of fun building it. It does pew-pew too. Will need to find a friend to help taking the pictures. Glued the hand guard on the gloves last night (was velcro-ed). These gloves are not touch-screen friendly. Also that they don't breath. Do you use different gloves while trooping?
  6. E-11 Blaster (Added the spring and charging handle yesterday) : Also changed the battery to a small li-po instead of 18650 that wouldn't have room for the spring. Thank you.
  7. Thank you. Took few more pictures yesterday. Pan head slotted screws : Old picture from before I glued the pieces.
  8. Wonderful input and comments shashachu. Thank you so much. I would take more pictures/ get them fixed up soon.
  9. Name = Ekapol Rojpiboonphun 501st TK ID = 50121 FISD forum name = Skylaughter Garrison = Golden Gate Garrison 501st Legion Member Link = https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=29350 Armor Maker= Anovos Helmet Maker= Troopermaster (Hero) E-11 Blaster= Doopydoo's, modified with aluminum buttstock and scope. Height= 5'11" Weight= 185 pounds Boots= Imperial boots Canvas belt= Robert Kittell (Imperial Issue) Hand Plates= TrooperBay Electronics= TKTalkie Neck Seal= Anovos Holster= Anovos Required photos : Full body : Back : Side : Armor Details :
  10. Thank you sir. Your postings have been being wonderful tutorial and being most helpful.
  11. Thanks guys. I'll have to figure out what might be the next step. Been building my E-11 these days. Needing my weapon, instead of pointing fingers and go pew-pew-pew...
  12. TK-50121 : Requesting the access. Thank you. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=29350
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