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  1. What do people think of AM armor is it any good or stay away from? I was told AM is built for taller and bigger people.
  2. That's good to hear from someone with a WTF kit, in assuming you have the standard TK kit from them right? If you don't mind me asking about what was the price for a WTF kit? Have all your kits you bought been from WTF or have you bought from others?
  3. I've never heard anything about WTF and how good of quality they have.
  4. Ok have a good question for everyone? What's the main difference in quality between AP and WTF Walt? I heard nothing but good reviews about AP and that AP is made for taller folks. But have not heard much about WTF and their kits and if its for tall folks?
  5. Yeah I almost had mine last November but didn't pan out as I had hopped a major snafu on my side. My plan is trying to get it this year and start tropping with my squad, I'm really looking forward to it.
  6. Yeah I'm sure the DT will likely be a bit more than the ST for sure. You have a good point not sure how many people will recognize the ST. I may just half to start with a standard TK for my first kit then get either a ST or DT as my second.
  7. Thanks. Just of of curiosity if you were going to get one what would you pick the shadow or death trooper?
  8. Arch99

    Rogue One armour

    Just of of curiosity how much did your rouge 1 tk kit cost?
  9. Had a question about the TK shadow trooper kit, does anyone know who is vetted for making that kit? Also was wondering the same question about the rouge one death trooper and who makes this kit?
  10. I'm getting my TK from AP so I'm good for the armor. Can anyone give advise on good place to find the boots, neck seal, and the black undersuit?
  11. I'm just about ready to get my kt kit. I was wondering if anyone has recently ordered anything from AP? I looked for their webpage but can't find anything. The only thing I found was the email address authenticprops@hotmail.com. Wasn't sure if this is only way to get A hold of them.
  12. I know this isn't the mepd board. But had a quick question can you be a level 1 sandtrooper without having to put on the field pack?
  13. I seen a clone trooper it was sergeant sinker. Is there a certain vender that makes the clone trooper armor? I like the color scheme for it.
  14. Had question about field packs for sandtrooper. Does anyone know how much they tend to weigh? This may wind up deciding if I'm a TD or a TK. Injured my shoulders so weighing backpacks or to much weight on shoulders kills me. So I'm just trying to find out about the weight and if any sandtrooper out there have any issues with shoulders from wearing the pack?
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