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  1. Skywise

    Any hope for my old ME E-11?

    What was the issue with the rear sight? Also, I'm sure the power cylinders aren't correct. Years ago, I sanded off the casting lines, and now they're not even round (cylindrical). Where can I find replacements? Mine are screwed on, so replacing them will be easy.
  2. Skywise

    Any hope for my old ME E-11?

    Thanks. I will study that site. Unfortunately the "bolt" is actually the handle of a part of the cheesy electronics, which I intend to lose. No muzzle screws and it lacks the "crescent moon" feature. Is there somewhere I can purchase the parts that are incorrect or missing?
  3. I thought my kids made this disappear, but I found my 28 year old resin E-11 at last. Is there any hope of rehabilitating or modifying it for at least basic approval? I know the muzzle and end cap is wrong, I'll have to lose the silly "coat hanger" wire retainer for the end cap. I like modeling, so am perfectly fine with hacking off incorrect parts and replacing them, if I know where to find them. Any advice appreciated.
  4. Skywise

    Best E-11 (ESB) to buy?

    I guess accuracy, but won't fall apart with my first trooping. My first one was wood (and undersized), broke when a guy hit it with a sword.
  5. Skywise

    Greetings from Kalamazoo, MI!

    Thanks, all! Looking forward to trooping. Have several projects in the works TK will probably be the last (and most complicated).
  6. Skywise

    Best E-11 (ESB) to buy?

    Interested in purchasing an approvable E-11. Where's the best place to buy one? My resin one is probably not passable (heavy casting lines, etc.)
  7. Long-time Star Wars Fan, fascinated by the Stormtroopers from the start. Made 2 before buying an armor set. Hoping to get it approved, but we'll see.