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  1. He qouted me 4 month waiting list, but I can see how that could quickly change.
  2. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and opinions. I think I'll go for ATA Armor once I get some cash.
  3. As a complete news, I've been in contact with the person from ATA Works regarding the TK Armor they produce. At $550 with shipping for the kit, it seems very reasonable to me. But I was hoping to get some thoughts and opinions from older more experienced members. Is the armor material quality good for its price? Ease of assembly? How does the form and fit compare to other armor makes? Thanks in advance for taking the time to help!
  4. So I'm new here (only my 2nd post lol), and I have read the warnings about which armorer's to stay away from and I've seen the list of reputable sellers. What I would like is personal opinions on Armor qualities and thoughts on which ones are relatively cheap. I'm hoping to get a set of TK armor together by my 31st birthday preferably without breaking the bank. Some of the armor kits I'm seeing online would run me between $800 and $1,500 of course after further researching those sellers they seem to be on the do not buy list. So if anyone has any advice on quality armor at a relatively low price I would be very appreciative for the help.
  5. Sorry to necropost, does this mean the "new" version can be 501st approved with little work?
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