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  1. Heya fellas, does anyone know if RT-Mod is still in the business of making armor? I just emailed him but wanted to ask if I should wait for a reply in the near future? I stand at 6'0, weigh 220 lbs and I heard AM or RT are the ones I should be in contact with.
  2. Do you guys have opinions about this store? Again, my intention is not to get approved by the 501st but just get some lower tier set for "party use" / movie premieres etc. If I understood correctly, these combos are all pre-assembled and ready to wear. The "one size fits all" kinda scares me though because I'm a bit on the heavier side at 220 lbs (height 6'0). Maybe it's time for some jogging. http://www.originalstormtrooper.com/original-combo-deals-32-c.asp EDIT: Okay... from another source: "Stay away from that company! Not good at all."
  3. I'm pretty much in the same boat with Kjaskaar. I am searching for my first Stormtrooper armor + helmet with full assembly. My friend is having his 30th birthday later this year and the theme will be all kinds of sci-fi / fantasy / superheroes. I have no intention on being 501st-approved. Just looking for an easy way to get the full package. I checked out the Anovos site but they only had kits for $650. I don't really understand why the price jumps to $1800 with the pre-assembly? Is the building really that much work? EDIT: Oh... and I reside in Finland. Height: 183 cm / 6'0 and weight: 100 kg / 220 lbs.
  4. Thanks for the reply! Also feel free to move my topic to the right section. I just noticed that "Getting Started" would have been the right one. Sorry about that.
  5. Hello there, my friend is turning 30 years old later this year and he spoke to me recently about wanting to organize a "comic book heroes, Star Wars, LOTR etc" party. This gave me the chills because I realized this would be the perfect opportunity to make my childhood dreams come true and finally get my first proper Stormtrooper armor. I started browsing through different web stores and found only ridiculous, cheap versions (overalls and whatnot). The only model that looked somewhat authentic was something called "Deluxe Stormtrooper" and the price tag on it was a mild $1500. That's a bit too much for something I might not be wearing daily, heh. Then I decided to look into the 501st Legion more, contacted the Nordic Garrison on Facebook and they directed me here to get some more answers. So what I am searching for is an "as authentic as possible" Stormtrooper armor (Original Trilogy or Force Awakens) with a price tag around 500 Euros / $590 (?). At the moment I have no clue about the pricing so please feel free to correct my budget. I think I can manage without a blaster at first because I have a bad feeling that my hands will be filled with beverages most of the time. So I better just keep focusing on hitting my helmet on various blast doors. Thanks for all the help in advance! - Tom / bromeo
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