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  1. Twenin

    TK-16337 Tour Log

    2019-02-09 // Independence // STEAM Winter Fest
  2. Twenin

    TK-16337 Tour Log

    2019-01-19 // Louisville // BrickUniverse Expo
  3. Twenin

    TK-16337 Tour Log

    Louisville Supercon
  4. Twenin

    TK-16337 Tour Log

    Via Colori in Louisville, KY
  5. Just realized this area of the forum was here. My previous troops have been: May 4th 2018 Newport Aquarium, KY Bluegrass Garrison 5/19/18 // Florence, KY // Boone County Library Star Wars Day Bluegrass Garrison 6/15/18 // Florence, KY // Florence Freedom Star Wars Night Bluegrass Garrison 2018-08-07 // Newport // Newport National Night Out 2018-10-20 // Louisville // Via Colori 2018-12-1 // Louisville // Supercon 2019-01-19 // Louisville // BrickUniverse Expo 2019-02-09 // Independence // STEAM Winter Fest
  6. I realized my 501st profile still says pending Detachment request. http://501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=26323
  7. TK-16337 reporting in. http://501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=26323
  8. Twenin

    ANH Stunt Helmet Frown advice needed.

    Thanks a bunch! From what I've found so far searching the forums it has been said 6-10 teeth. But I'm going to take your advice and wait for others to comment before I move on.
  9. Twenin

    ANH Stunt Helmet Frown advice needed.

    As I was looking for a fix for this I was looking at reference pictures.. I came across this picture in the whitearmor gallery. Does this mean that 10 teeth frowns are considered accurate?
  10. Ok so I was getting ready to plastidip my helmet and I realized an error I made when I first got my helmet. Unfortunately I made the newbie error of assuming on the teeth and not looking at reference pictures. As you can see I cut out 10 teeth instead of 8. I was wondering if anyone has suggestions on fixing this. I was considering filling the small areas with caulk or molding glue like sugru. Any help is appreciated.
  11. Yes I am, I just wanted to make sure I was putting it on properly. Wasn't sure it was supposed to be that tight, thanks!
  12. Hi guys, I got my RS KIT about a month ago and started working on it here and there. I started on my helmet first. My question(s) are essentially this... How much can I trim on the bottom. I feel like I've trimmed a lot, but I'm still having a tight fit getting my head in. Or should I re drill my holes on my face plate, it looks like I might have a 3/8th inch gap between the face and bucket.