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  1. I was on a Disney Cruise, but wore my Imperial Officer pinup dress and cap to Formal Night.
  2. Aww, thanks. We have a cosplay page on FB if you want to take a look. Covalent Bond Cosplay
  3. Howdy, and send Timbits! Welcome.
  4. You're in good hands in KC. Welcome aboard!
  5. Welcome! You're in the right place for guidance!
  6. Me with TR-13927 as Bob.
  7. Star Wars stuff- Anovos ANH Stunt TK Mando Merc (galvanized steel plates, resin helmet) Non Star Wars- Denis Medri Rockabilly Catwoman Julie Newmar Catwoman Watchmen Silk Spectre (Pinup/original style) Spaceballs Lonestar Kevin Smith Jay (of Jay and Silent Bob duo) In progress- Juno Eclipse (90%- I need code cylinder pockets in the jacket and to style the wig) Sheltay Retrac (75%- need headpiece and sandals) Barbarian-style Harley Quinn (about 50% done. Joker got done and I got lazy) In the Queue- Lidia (Beetlejuice Cartoon) Fem Gambit (X-men)
  8. Congrats! And yes, measure twice (thrice, 4 times, 8 times) cut once. And ready everything you can stomach about doing so, too. XD
  9. Hips and chest and general fatness give me about 2" on each side. lol Shim needed.
  10. I'm actually kinda close to that anyway. I need different gloves, snaps in the crotch, and to be less fat/put shims in my sides.
  11. The local garrison down there is fabulous and I have a lot of love for them. You're in good hands! Welcome aboard.
  12. Hey there. I'm Jess from Nebraska. I got an Anovos kit when they were on Celebration special and finally got it all together just in time to get 501st approval before Celebration. TK-80080 as of April 10. Yay me. I already stalked/hung out with/trooped with the local garrison as a Mandalorian Merc member since 2013, and I'm just here for the sweet merch. Hello!
  13. Me, please. http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=24319 Thanks.
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