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    Well, I didn't get very far in my costuming adventure.. a few days after winning 3rd in a fitness competiton, I wrecked my motorcycle and broke my neck (C1 anterior and posterior for those that know what that means.) No other injuries other than some road rash. I'm back in business and researching again. That little adventure pushed me back 6 months. I didn't get to know many of you. But I'm glad to be back! I did manage to finish the final for becoming a certified personal trainer and yes I passed. Spent my bed ridden life reading and studying to pass it! Lol.
  2. This shall be the quote I put on my truck. <br> "Unquestioned Loyalty"<br> I like it
  3. My .02<br> I liked the movie for what it was. (I never saw any trailers for it) I didn't expect to see half of the interesting things that popped up, such as tarkin, a young Leia, and a re-purposed imperial droid that had the best lines of the movie.<br> Having read "Rise of the Empire" it filled in some really nice things and I think that it addressed why there was a flaw built in, which many of us questioned since day 1.<br><br> So it wasn't the "blow away movie" that a lot of people hoped for. Then again the majority of us saw the originals as kids and we associate it with our childhood. Now we've grown up and have become jaded adults, maybe even cynical as nothing compares to the wonder of seeing this through a child's eyes. An acquaintance of mine is arguing with me that the movies are not exactly like the books and so this isn'the true canon. Another tells me why the engineering of all this is impossible, a division how light speed can never be attained blah,blah,blah. I don't care it's a movie.<br><br> All I all I enjoyed the movie and think it was a nice filler film. <br><br> Oh p.so. James Earl jones.....so much win in that along
  4. So I drive an 07 Toyota Tundra, color??? It's white of course! Has a ladder rack with a mesh rear window guard. My plan is to have a custom mask made and paint a TK helmet on the mesh.My wife actually supports this decision and wants me to go all out on this project. Placing Imperial logos on the doors. So what else should I put on the truck? What goes on the hood? Any motto's? I'm open to all ideas. (Conversely I want to do the same to my motorcycle) So far the truck is at stock height with stock tires. No extra lights or anything. So I can kind of fit the truck to the idea not the idea to the truck. I can throw a picture of my truck up on photoshop and modify it so we can see different ideas and such. Or is this the stupidest thing you've heard of and I should go stick my head in the sand? Paint and paintmasks are no problem as I work in an aircraft paint shop I have a little bit of access to certain things the normal world wouldn't begin to know where to go.
  5. Thank you sir. I Grew up in Goshen. Thanks for the re-direct. Haha, well, I love skydiving, it's not a cheap hobby, but nothing could be more fun. so why not combine the 2? I get to jump a lot with the West Point team during their practices, so I can imagine their faces when there's a storm trooper on board
  6. Good evening everyone. Well to start off, I immediately screwed up my screen name as it was supposed to be Grayhawk845 not "t" lol. <br><br> Secondly I was introduced to high quality replicas during the airshow we had at Stewart airport in Newburgh, NY (where I happen to live) as there were some 501st memberso there. <br><br> Well as everything I do seems to cost me a lot of money, I figured I'd try my hand at this. Seeing as how I'm fanatic over storm troopers, and wish to try and skydive one day all dressed up.<br><br> As for general information about my I paint aircraft for a living, have a wife and 2 kids, and enjoy having expensive hobbies.<br><br> So here I hope to learn and get my own suit one day.
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