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  1. Eyes and teeth trimmed and cleaned up, and faceplate attached...now the ears.
  2. Thanks for the welcome everyone. I've moved on to the ears as of yesterday, so the questions will be coming.
  3. I started assembly on the bucket today, very exciting. However after examining and starting the ears I wonder if I need to re seat the mask in order to line up the curves a little better. Thoughts?
  4. Im currently working on the TK Helmet ( ATA ) and I have a question about the teeth. should these be sanded down on the inside so all the teeth indentions are even with the inside of the helmet and then shaped? Im using a dremel, but scared to go too far.
  5. Now....first question....should I trim the back a bit more, and the bottom of the mask some?
  6. Trimmed the sides of the helmet, feel good about them.
  7. eyes cut out, a little rough but Im OK sanding them back.
  8. After BBB day back in late September, Im finally working on my first TK build over Christmas break. After stressing where to start, I decided to rip the band aid and start on the helmet. Start with the eyes. Discovered Dremel wouldn't work...tried scoring and cutting....after about 10 minutes of that hit Amazon Prime. 24 hours later, new one arrives, follow just inside the pencil marks.
  9. Hey Joseph, Thanks for reaching out to me.  


    I do have a question you may be able to answer.  I know there's a large contingent of 501st here in Central Florida, and I hear about armor parties in the Tampa area a lot, but are there any closer to Orlando?  Are they pretty welcoming to newbies?

  10. Hello everyone, first post on whitearmor after lurking for a while. I'm here in central Florida ( Lake Mary ), got my BBB from ATA a couple of months ago and have been sheepishly working on the helmet. Ive built props for costumes before, but for some reason the TK armor is a little nerve racking. I feel like theres always too much trim, but I'm afraid to cut any more. Ive posted a little in the Florida Garrison and plan to be much more active here as I dive into the build. First question for anyone! Following Pandatrooper's build thread and notice it's from 2011. Any major changes I need to be aware of to the ATA bucket as I trim and build? Thanks in advance everyone.
  11. This thread is awesome, very informative. I'm ready to take the plunge, excited to volunteer if\when I get approved. I think I've narrowed the kit down to either ATA or WTF. ATA is about 9months at the moment on full kits. Ive sent a join request to WTF on FB, so I don't have any info on them other than the research Ive done ( mainly whitearmor.net members ). Im excited about the build, but also very nervous. I never considered myself "crafty", so my real question is this: Are there any build groups that you know of? Folks get together and help each other out, spend an afternoon building. I live in the Orlando area and the Florida Garrison message boards look pretty sparse.
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