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  1. Not sure if this is the right place? but please could you delet My account ASAP,
  2. Thank's guy's!! Hopefully by next week I can get some picture's in for EIB submission!! If My little one give's Me a chance!!! @ Pandatrooper, the front isn't a problem, as I glued them on!! just got lazy with the back's!!
  3. John, That's a very kind offer, but unfortunatly, I'm not going to mem!
  4. Been a while since I have posted, but finaly finished all the mod's for EIB, the shoulder strap's were the last thing!! I had to fill in the hole's on these, as I had originaly riveted them to the back plate, So how does this look, and will it be ok, to go for Elite with? The hole's I filled in on the back plate, shouldn't be a problem, as they are hidden under the strap's, but are the one's on the strap's ok? If not should I cut off the large rectangle section that they are on, as I have noticed on some screen cap's this is how some of them looked?? Thank's Leigh.
  5. Just finished painting the grey areas, and the black out line's, on my DL lid, only have the line's to add to make it a TK, and a few other bit's I still have to do, how's it look so far? Leigh.
  6. Well done Steve, you have a nice setup mate, it was a pleasure to clear!!!
  7. Hey Eric! I have one of the mk 3 DD blasters, and it's well worth it mate, very nice indeed, lots of attention to detail, trust me you wont be dissapointed!!! Leigh.
  8. TK 4128

    Need Advice:

    Thanks for reply Shiv, would that be Ged Rogers mate?
  9. TK 4128

    Need Advice:

    Hi guys, just wanted some advice on this armour http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Star-Wars-Complete-S...=item2eaaa10b7f in you opinnion is it worth buying or should I stay away from it? Thanks, Leigh.
  10. Definetly worth getting one, they are fantastic, and Casey is a great guy to deal with!!
  11. Thanks guys! Just waiting for My new canvas belt, going to My local model shop tomorrow to get some abs and hopefully wont be much longer before putting in for EIB status!
  12. Hi guys! Put up a few pictures a while back, and a few of you suggested reducing the flashing around the eyes! I've also changed the blue tube stripes and alterd the brow trim a little, and replaced the mic tips! how does it look?? thanks for looking !!
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