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  1. Thank you guys! Yes I'm excited to get started! I can't wait to get out to troop again!
  2. Awesome! That dt helmet looks legit!
  3. Thank you! Yes I have been researching best I can but haven't really found to much lol. Yeah a sandtrooper is also on my list
  4. Greetings gentleman! I'm Justin from I'm new to forums but not to the 501st lol. I had boba fett costume 501st approved but due to life had to let it go. I will rebuild but before I tackle fett again im looking forward to building a deathtrooper from rogue one. I have built costumes before but I humbly accept that im a newbie when it comes to building this kind of armor. So I will have lots of questions. I look forward to trooping again and hopefully getting a chance to meet some of you guys. Thanks!!
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