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  1. Appreciate the feedback guys!! I'll jump back onto the 501st website and locate the Orange County, Ca. garrison. I tried in the past, but was having problems getting logged in...is that because I'm not a member yet, or is it just me?
  2. Hello, and Thank You! Looking forward to being a part of this and meeting everyone. Was just reading some other post on Anovos...not looking good, haha. Its been over a year since I paid off my kit
  3. Hello, Just wanted to jump in and say Hi and see if there any upcoming events/member "get-together's" here in Southern Ca. (Orange County) that I would be able to attend. I'm still waiting on my TK Imperial kit from Anovos, but in the meantime, I'd like to meet some other members and make some contacts as I will definitely need some advice and help with my kit and getting started. Unfortunately, I cant see the up-coming events on the 501st website. Appreciate any help, Thanks guys!! Crinthian
  4. I've been waiting almost 9 months for my TK kit. I work with a 501st member and he stated that the ANOVOS is a good kit, as this will be my first kit and build. Customer support is online only, no Phone# to call to get a live person. However they are very professional and courteous with the online chat. My only complaint is the wait time...9 months and counting. Just waiting to get my armor so I can get started and join up. Good Luck
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