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  1. Finally received my helmet today. Took long enough, geez. For $80 this thing really is a HUGE bargain, however on the front of the dome are two small dings evenly spaced on both sides. Manufacturer error or damaged in shipping? Who knows. They're not very noticeable but once you spot them you can't take your eyes off em. What should I do regarding this? Also the back portion of the dome isn't flush with the rear piece. There's a small gap between both pieces that won't close up even though all three pieces are locked in tight. Am I still stoked about this though? You damn well better believe it. You'll never find anything this nice for $80, and it fits me like a glove which is real nice.
  2. Mine's currently on it's way from West Virginia after having pre-ordered it. Kinda annoying knowing there's one right down the street from me and I'm just sitting here waiting for one. :/
  3. Just got a notification that my helmet finally left the Arizona warehouse. FedEx is estimating next Wednesday.
  4. Don't be surprised if I add you. Need more XboxOne buddies.
  5. No freakin waaaaay. Oh man. Good job, Dice, looks like you're really making up for the last few months!
  6. That speaker'll be an easy fix. Just gotta fill it, sand it down and repaint it. Should be a fun project.
  7. I am so bad with Boba Fett it's not even funny. Jetpacked my way around one of the Tattoine maps and out of all the places, I landed in between Luke and Lando. Like for real.
  8. Went on a Battlefront hiatus for MONTHS since I didn't bother with the season pass. Well, after knowing that the Death Star DLC was coming this month I couldn't pass it up. Broke down and got it. Playable navy troopers?? Also finally my Xbox gamertag, MyBuddyBossk, can finally live up to what it was created for. I also have to add the Bespin maps are great! Going from crowded Endor maps to the openness of the Bespin maps is really refreshing.
  9. Forgive me if I'm just seeing things or just don't know enough about TK's but the R1 TK forearm pieces have 12 notches. That RS Propmasters TK above only has 11.
  10. Wrote this on the RPF thread as well and I'm sticking with my guns when I say that every time I look at those photos, they make the vent and compartment in the back look like they're almost supposed to be there ya know? It's not just like slapped on there if that makes any sense. Really excited for mine!
  11. Awesome! Can't wait to get my Navy Trooper approved. I've been slackin on the photo submissions even though my black flightsuit is RIGHT there.Ugh.
  12. You guys really think those lines in the back'll be 501st passable? Either way I'm pretty pumped about mine, still. Can't really beat $80 for a good looking bucket, even if it'll take some mods to spiff it up.
  13. Seeking 501st access. IC 32830 NEG http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=20763
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