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  1. Hello FISD. I wanted to get some clarity on something. I am getting ready to apply my Anovos Decals to my Thermal Detonator. My decal will not be able to cover the entire inner circle of the right hand side of the detonator. Is this okay or do I need just need to cover the entire inner circle with black? The reason I am asking is because I saw on a facebook group that the entire inside of the right hand side circle had to be black. I checked the 501st Database and saw nothing stating that the entire inside has to be black. It just states "Right hand end cap is black." It actually does not show the right hand end cap on that webpage. Here is a shot of an approved member's Thermal Detonator using Anovos Decals. Notice the Anovos Decal only covers the center circle. Thanks in advance for your help on this!
  2. Is it possible to post a video into your post like an image? Just for reference, I am using Google Chrome and my image hosting site is Flickr.
  3. Here you go: Imperial Gaskets- Sells Cloth and Rubber Gaskets https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/31019-imperial-gaskets-new-style/ Geeky Pink's Phantastic Gaskets - Sells Cloth Gaskets only https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/40849-i-am-sewing-fabric-gaskets-neck-seals-and-harnesses-fo-and-ot/ My advice is to go cloth. Doesn't hold in the heat as bad and you have more maneuverability. But everyone likes something different!
  4. 7/12 Update -Abdomen & Belt : Attaching Styrene Sockets I was able to complete the Magnet Socket Method on my Abdomen Section! I am very happy to complete this part because now I am able to really get in to the strapping phase of the build since I will truly know how everything is going to fit together. First thing I did was lay the Styrene Sockets on the back of the abdomen to see exactly where they needed to be. Then I drew a small outline around each styrene sheet so I would know where to put the E6000 glue. After that I prepped the Styrene sockets with blue tape so that once I put the glue down I could quickly put them in place Next I put the E6000 glue in places outlines and then taped down the sockets. I also added some magnets to help keep the sockets in place. After a few minutes I decided to add some weight to really make sure the sockets, glue, and armor were bonding properly -Belt- Not much here. Just put the belt together and had a little help from a Ewok dressed as a Stormtrooper I used UKSWRATH's belt tutorial on his thread. Here is the link to the belt tutorial: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/31877-ukswraths-fotk-build-thread-tk-10116/?page=13#comment-443456
  5. Thanks! Haha! When you're broke from buying armor you have to get creative
  6. 7/11/17- Update: Gluing Magnets to back of Abdomen I was able to get my Magnetic Plug Socket cut and glued. Since my styrene sheet was so thin I had to stack 4 pieces of 2" long sheets on top of one another so the magnet could fit inside. I glued the sheets and the magnet to the sheet with E6000 glue. I let it cure for 24 hours before moving on to the next step. The next step i took was to attach magnets to my back plate. I marked off where I wanted the to go, then used E6000 glue, painters tape, and an additional magnet to secure the glue and magnets to back plate. (the magnets pictured above are to hold the magnets with glue on the other side until they cure. The magnets on the outside of the armor will be removed) After the magnets have cured for 24 hours, I will move on to attaching the Styrene sockets.
  7. A while back I purchased a partially completed Anovos kit from another member here on the forum. The weather has warmed up and I got a few days without rain so I took to trying to complete this armor. Following the advice of those on this forum, I went with Rust-oleum Gloss for my Anovos Kit. For reference I have included the Costume Reference Library (CRL) of the TK-First Order from the 501st Website: http://databank.501st.com/databank/TK_-_First_Order I sanded the armor and used a tack cloth the get all the dust and such off. It was my first time using a tack cloth and man those things work great. I guess I am amused by simple things After everything was prepped I started to set up a make shift painting area. I used an old diaper genie as a painting stand for my chest armor. I placed weights in the bottom to ensure it wouldn't tip over. I placed duck tape on the back of the chest armor to secure it to the stand. I gave it several coats. At one point a laid a coat on too heavy and created a small paint run on the right side of the chest so I went back with high grit sandpaper and sanded that area down to get rid of the paint run. Painted it with a few more coats and was happy with the result. Chest Armor. Diaper Genie. Duct Tape. I picked up the Rust-oleum spray gun attachment before starting the other pieces of armor and man did that thing save my fingers. It works really well. I recommend it for anyone going with the rattle can approach to painting armor. Moving on to the other pieces, I set up various painting stands using whatever I can find laying around. I used a Tee Ball batting stand coupled with a round cardboard tube covered in Blue Painters Tape to paint my Forearms. For the Back/Yoke I used an old beat up kids bike as a stand. For my Thigh Armor I needed to find something that would keep snug and secure while painting so I took an old scare crow yard prop and stripped every thing but the Styrofoam and bamboo stick part off. I cover that in Blue Painters Tape. Sadly I have no pictures of this setup. The Biceps and shins were laid out between the broom and trash can and painted with several coats. The rest of the armor was painted by getting some cardboard, wiping it off with the tack cloth and painting it with several coats. I did have an issue with tiny orange bugs wanting to land on my armor so between coats i would have to blow them off or sand them off with high grit sandpaper if they were stuck. After all the painting was done, I moved the armor into my basement for safe keeping and to prepare for the strapping phase. For the strapping I took some concepts from ukswrath's incredible build thread as well as TK4205 Magnetic Plug thread. **** Let me take a moment to thank everyone who posts their builds on this forum. It was the defining reason I decided to try an join the 501st. I am not a craftsman or a fabricator by trade so these threads gave me the confidence to tackle this project. I love Facebook groups and seeing people's progress, but it is nice to have a site that makes it easy to locate information because people have taken the time and energy to post HOWTO's and WIP of their projects. Again, thank you! **** I found what I believe is a tree stand harness at Goodwill for like 4 bucks and I plan on trying to modify it to use as my strapping system. For my Shins I went with ukswrath's low profile velcro method. For the abdomen section, I had to cut the back plate in order to fit into it. The previous builder was thinner that me. I used a dremel and a dremel cutting wheel specifically designed to cut plastic to cut down the center back. I plan on using the Magnetic Plug method shown on this site by TK4205. Photobucket isn't showing the images anymore but I viewed it several times before Photobucket decided to pull the stunt of charging folks to see their pictures so i think I can manage to make them up. Per TK4205 tutorial, I went to Home Depot and purchased the magnets there. I also purchased some small sheets of styrene from Amazon to use for the Plug and Socket Method per TK4205. I am planning on cutting them at about 2" in length. That is all the updates I have for now. Until next post!
  8. Just a heads up for the folks selling/buying things on this forum or posting pictures of your builds. IF YOU USE PHOTOBUCKET TO POST YOUR PHOTOS, as of July 6th 2017, Photobucket now requires people to pay for the ability to see photos on 3rd Party Websites. That means if you post pictures on this website, which is considered a 3rd Party Website, the people going to your thread cannot see the photos of your product or builds unless you have purchased Photobucket's Plus 500 plan which according to their site is $40 U.S. dollars a month ($480 a year). Now there are other sites like www.flickr.com that offer free 3rd Party Website picture sharing so there is no need to pay $40 a month to see photos. However, if you want to continue to use Photobucket or purchase the $40 a month plan, that is entirely up to you. I am not advocating one way or the other. This is just a public service announcement. Here is an example of what people who do not have the Plus 500 plan will see when looking at a thread on the Forum: Here is a screenshot of Photobucket's policy change:
  9. Cool thanks for the input. I have read that some folks used Rust-Oleum and it messed up their kits pretty bad. Perhaps it was a freak thing though. Sent from my XT1635-01 using Tapatalk
  10. Any specific kind of primer? Also what brand and color of finish paint do you suggest? (This is the TFA Anovos Kit) Sent from my XT1635-01 using Tapatalk
  11. Thanks ukswrath. Sent from my XT1635-01 using Tapatalk
  12. Hello Squad. I need to sand and repaint my Anovos kit. I have never had to refinish finished armor so I'm somewhat hesistant. Any tips on what sandpaper to use, techniques, etc. ? Sent from my XT1635-01 using Tapatalk
  13. Do we have a thread that is easy to find that shows troopers how to achieve the ability to sit down in armor? The reason I'm asking is because I'm in the Rebel Legion and I have trooped with the 501st on shared events and I have seen troopers getting fatigued from standing. Some members are a little older or have some health issues. I think an easy to find thread on this subject would be beneficial to noobs just building their armor. I think it would also benefit some of those with current approved armor that maybe didn't have a mentor to teach them how to build comfort into their set up. Even if it's just a couple simple things folks could do with photos showing how. May be a guide of "How to" in certain situations. Examples like: A) Fully suited up at an event waiting for it to start or there is a 30 minute lull in the event but you can't suit down. Getting ready and then taking transportation to the event What do you all think? Sent from my XT1635-01 using Tapatalk
  14. That's awesome. Do you have any pics showing the strap set up that makes that possible? Sent from my XT1635-01 using Tapatalk
  15. Do you have any pics of how you achieved being able to sit down? Sent from my XT1635-01 using Tapatalk
  16. You can sit down in your armor? Wow, that some strategy building right there lol. Awesome! Sent from my XT1635-01 using Tapatalk
  17. Do you only use magnets from Home Depot or have you found a source where you can get more with the same strength and durability for a better price? Sent from my XT1635-01 using Tapatalk
  18. Good stuff guys. Thanks for the input. It's neat to see the different approaches to the armor. Sent from my XT1635-01 using Tapatalk
  19. Hello fellow Star Wars enthusiasts. I am about to start on an Anovos TFA Trooper and I was curious to know if anyone has a thread on how to build the armor to suit up by yourself. I've seen the magnet thread for the shins and such but I wan't sure if someone here took that a step further with the rest of their build. Also I was curious if magnets are fully reliable without using Velcro. I hope to be joining the ranks of the proud 501st very soon and I want my build to allow my suit up process to be as self manageable as possible. Thanks!
  20. Hello Folks. I'm from Bedford, PA. I'm thinking about joining up with the 501st. Sent from my XT1635-01 using Tapatalk
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