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  1. Good Afternoon. Requesting 501st status. Thank you https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=29090&costumeID=124
  2. I started doing the payment plan back in June/July, decided to pay it off in August. So far nothing on this end, but there's still time though.
  3. Maybe they'll send more info through their newsletter? That might be a possibility.
  4. I appreciate that. I'll definitely look into it and see if that's possible as I work full time.
  5. Are you ordering it with or without the softgoods?
  6. So this will be my first set of armor that I'll be constructing. I just purchased the Stormtrooper kit from Anovos for $650. It isn't slated to ship until January. But it's cool. I've got time. Just curious on people's experiences with Anovos. Yes? No? Should have gone with a different vendor? Anyways. Until then, I'll be browsing through the forums to get myself ready for when the big box arrives.
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