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  1. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=2694 requesting access please!
  2. I like the new armor, the helmet especially brings into reality some of the things that were meant to be in a way, such as the cut out vent stripes, etc...
  3. Question: what has been used to secure the bed roll on top? I was thinking it was the straps taken from the pack on the frame not being used...<br><br> Also, I have an antenna, but what's my best choice for the cable that winds down?
  4. There are picture of the bottom of the pack, and you can see the frame underneath, so the frame is not tucked inside the Alice pack.
  5. Hopefully the photos show up... But in some photos the bottom end of the antenna is looped around as if it plugs into the pack, in other photos the end is hanging loose. -------------
  6. -------------- This might be an affordable option for the antenna
  7. @ Gibbon... Do you have a tutorial on how you assembled your pack? Did you cut the top lid/flap of the Alice pack or is that all tucked in there some place? <br> How does the bed roll stay on and how did you mount the grenade box? <br> So many questions! Lol
  8. And yes, it looks as if inside each "port" inside he box has a black pouch of fabric attached to make a pocket... (Seems to me at least)
  9. It looks to me as if it's all been painted black. There was a photo of the shoulder strap where green was still visible.
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