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    Makeup effects, fabrication, movies, sci-fi, horror, Star Wars, duh... Oh, and Star Trek... yes, I said it...

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  1. My first username when I first got online was Thor. Turned out everybody and their uncle was using Thor, so I had to change it, but I was stubborn and stuck in a trend so I was trying to think of another Norse name... I had just recently read Eaters Of The Dead by Michael Chrichton, which was adapted into the film The 13th Warrior starring Antonio Banderas, which was really just a re-imagining of Beowulf. I loved the character of Buliwyf (pronounced Bull-Vie) and decided that would be my new user name... but I goofed when I made my Youtube channel and misspelled the name.... So from then on I
  2. The $180 helmet claims to be Anovos.... I don't know why it's on sell so cheap, but there you go....
  3. Not for selling the most expensive prop replicas I've seen in a while, but for providing some of the most detailed pics of said props I've seen yet.... https://collectibles.starwars.com/
  4. eeeaaaasy... Obi Wan swung twice. first swing takes out evazan's hand AND the scope on Ponda's blaster. return swing takes out Ponda's arm.... Yeah, that sounds right. That will now be my official headcannon for that scene...
  5. *edit* wait my bad. lol got ahead of myself... don't mind me...
  6. That was an amazing story. Welcome aboard and I'll tell you now, once your son breaks out of his fear he's gonna become a cosplayer for life, so this is the perfect place to start!
  7. Thanks! Now oddly enough the only helmet that doesn't fit this system is the Stormie itself. No matter how I work it, all the pieces are just too different to fit, which makes me wonder if the FO Stormie helm we are familiar with now was a redesign, that maybe it originally looked more like the tie helmet.... just without that weird flying nun looking blast shield.... I dunno... but if they follow the modular trend it'll make for some interesting new designs in the upcoming films.
  8. Hi everyone, I hope this is getting put in the right area... So I've been considering where to start with my first build and was seriously considering a TFA Snowtrooper. I was looking at all the reference material I could find and I realized something and i'm wondering if anyone else has noticed... I'm sure everyone has pointed out the similarities between the snowtrooper and flametrooper buckets, But what I've noticed is that both of those helmets (and potentially all of the first order helmets) are built from a modular design: Ok, I've color co
  9. A combination actually. I've always loved the weapons of star wars. So I want to start piecing together my arsenal, heh... And now that we have new stormies popping up every year or so now (shore trooper anyone?) it seems about time to start putting them together too. That's what I love about this community... What I can't make myself I know I'll be able to find! Thanks for the warm reception everyone!
  10. *takes deep breath* Hi everyone. I'm Buliwif. I'm not a member of the 501st yet and I don't have any costumes put together yet... or any more... (long story) But I'm here and I'm itching to jump in with both feet. I've known about the 501st for years as I was an active member of the TFN fanfilms forum back in the early 00's (if there's any old forum buddies around, yes i'm THAT Buliwif) and to put it simply, I've always wanted my own trooper armor. So here I am, finally. I'm a makeup effects artist and a fabricator with a history of making both pullover latex masks as well as helm
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