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  1. Chris Bell TK83115 EIB A4 Andrew http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/83115-eib.png
  2. Silk handliners help a lot with sweaty rubber gloves!
  3. That looks good, shall see if i can get something similar in the UK. The RS Props is just a thin nylon belt. Something padded like this should mean i can really tighten it and it not dig into and hurt my beer belly............
  4. Chaps Anyone else use braces for their thigh armour belt? Had my UK 501st induction at the weekend. All went great, no real snags - mainly due to me having an RS commission suit. One thing i did notice though was that my thighs were sitting a little low. Think this is due to the belt that holds them up dropping a little. Guessing attaching the belt to a set of braces should stop this?? Me on the right:
  5. Ended up with 2 x 2amp packs in my helmet for the 2 fans. Small in size, but still pretty heavy. Helmet has a nice weight to it now! Had my induction troop with the UK Garrison on Saturday - they worked an absolute treat!!! Kept me from overheating and fog free. Amazed i was the only TK out of 5 using fans!
  6. Andy Rogers / DA Props [shed of Glittering Delights on facebook] RWA Props [Ross Walmsley on facebook and UK Armourer for TK's]
  7. Quote - "2.Every product that arrives from the UK or the USA is submitted to VAT tax, wich is exactly 19% from the original price" Maninthesuitcase is correct, Romania is part of the EU for free trade of goods [ie no import duty and you pay the vat of the Country selling the goods]. You shouldn't pay anymore VAT, you pay what the UK price is with our UK rate of 20% included in the price they have on their website.
  8. Thanks so much Andrew, really appreciated. Do you think bringing up the forearms will leave an odd looking gap to the gloves? I actually had them lowered a tad as the gap to hand looked too big. Cheers, here's to a little adjustments and centurian!
  9. Hi guys, back!! Desperate to get the new shots sorted this weekend. Unfortunately my 2 boys and their friend wanted to get dressed up as soon as they saw me. Wifey was trying to keep them under control whilst take pics of me. Right side is better, but think i need to work more on it for Centurian and get the bottom in tighter, same with the shoulders. Still a bit more to come in? Hope these are clear enough, need to ask someone else to help if i go for centurian as need a clearer background and someone who can help me suit up a little better: The cheeky monkeys!! [and a moody iron man / Yoda because he couldn't find his lighsaber!!!]
  10. How's everyone getting on with these out in the wild? Have my induction troop in 2 weeks so need to get my aker speaker attached into my armour. Hoping i can use this instead of wires, but heard they feedback badly?
  11. Thanks mate. The fans already have USB sockets on them which is pretty cool and why I got them over a normal black/red socket. Just read through the other thread on using power banks. Such an easier method long term than using 9v or aa's.
  12. So a usb splitter to connect both fans usb male ends into the single 2.1a socket? Cheap enough!
  13. At work, shall try tonight. I was more worried that the anker would send out too much power to the fans and fry them. Maybe they were spinning at the same speed. Either way, pretty chuffed they work, just don't want to damage anything :-D
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