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  1. There is a helmet on thingiverse I am currently trying to print, but I have a davinci 1.0 so as of now its not going well.
  2. This is one of the best tutorials I have seen on how to paint and weather a helmet. Great work and one heck of a paint job.
  3. Nice progress B, keep it up.
  4. Looks like your making some good headway.
  5. This is a great tutorial. I was wondering the status of the Phasma CRL, is it close to being done, or is it still a ways off? As for the build itself, is it a lot like doing a FO TK or is it comp0letely different? This will be my first build of any form of TK suit, so if it is like the FO trooper, I have several members in my garrison that have done one so I can get help from them when doing the build.
  6. Same here. I want to do a Phasma and wet sanding is going to be my friend on that build, but I have no idea how to do it.
  7. Great work Ingrid. My buddy Ryan told me to check out your threads about Phasma. He said your suit looked fantastic at the premiere (he was there in his Poe suit).
  8. Come on B, post some pics.
  9. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. I will be pm'ing Ingrid soon (I am sure she gets a lot now) about how she got her phasma started. Its going to take some time to do this one right (my fett took 3 years), but I am sure that with the help from members here, I can get it done. I am going to try painting the armor my self (which I have never done before), so I will be asking all kinds of questions about that as well. Again, thanks for the welcome, and lets get this party started.
  10. Hello, my name is Justin. I am a current 501st member with Garrison Carida as BH-13270 (ESB Boba Fett). I am looking to start a new build, and I am leaning toward a Captain Phasma. I like the look of the armor, and being 6'4", I need a suit that will fit my frame a bit better than my Fett; I get a lot of "aren't you a little tall for a Fett". Don't get me wrong, I love my Fett (it took almost 3 years to finish it), but having another suit to troop in would be cool. I have zero knowledge of how to build any form of TK armor, so I will be doing a lot of reading before I start asking build and supplier questions. The main question I have now is regarding the Phasma CRL; is it being developed now and if so how close to completion is it? On a side note, I have done a lot of the electronics for my suit (a wireless servo for the rangefinder, different light kits for the rangefinder, and a kit for the jet pack beacon), so more than likely I will start looking into what electronics I could do to spruce up my Phasma build. I look forward to hearing from you all and wish me luck, JC27 Here is a pic of my Fett with my Garrison GML in his Rex.
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