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  1. Aww that sucks I'd be so down. so you just went to a store for no reason? HahaDamn idk how I'm going to put it on in the parking lot
  2. I'm in southern CA. That's cool I want to do it now lol how did you get to the store since you can't drive or be in a car with the suit on??
  3. do stores like target and best buy allow people in costume into their stores?? or will the make a big deal out of it ?
  4. its lame i wanted to troop. i am still thinking about doing it. im in california right now and i think i might just go alone?
  5. Oh wow thank you ! so i will literally be using my phone??
  6. what do you mean by "voice changer" and " no voice changer"??
  7. What are the best voice changers to go for?? I'm in the market for a great quality voice changer. I want to sound exaclty like a stormtrooper. thank you troopers!
  8. thats cool dude. i havnt applied i dont have a TK ID yet. i wonder if i can somehow get it into my ID as well
  9. i contacted them but it looks like nobody is doing anything :/ i guess im going to do a solo troop to my nearby target or best buy
  10. I am just curious. I want to troop to my nearest target or best buy in my area and want to troop with other troopers i think it would make a lot of people's day haha
  11. I'm going to find out. It could be worse but it still doesnt really look right. I'm not sure how i would try to rebuild some of the cut material without it being noticeable im going to check and see what they tell me
  12. LOL that made me laugh. thank you for the info i think i just might paint right over. Another question! what do you think about my forearms?? if you see the inner part of the forearm doesnt meet up with the outer part but the backs of both pieces do? im not sure if i can fix this or not... i cant seem to think of how it can be fixed :/
  13. I recently finished my Anovos TK build minus the fact that i still have some alterations to do but im trying to decide whether i should sand down the ab buttons and paint them the right color (french blue, admiral grey) i just went to a local michaels and picked out colors that looked close to me. Lessons learned by a first time builder... anyways what do you guys think?? I'm also not sure why my forarms came out like this... the left one is exactly the same and im wondering if any of you know what i can do to fix them?? Thank you in advance if you have any advice.
  14. how close do you think mine are ?? im considering sanding the buttons down and repainting with the correct colors but im not sure
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