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  1. I opted for an only slightly raised brow.
  2. No mate, for the ears I only added the screws and filled the seem where the ear cap meets the main part of the ear. I may do it at some point but after all of the rest of the work I did on the helmet I didn't think the ears needed any more work on them.
  3. Ab Buttons now done......... Cheers Vader Dave Lenses now done............. Cheers Smitty Full suited pictures soon
  4. I'll get some full outfit then and now pictures once I have the new AB Buttons and lenses E-11 Its a modified Hasbro with Doopydoo's skin kit on it. I've also added a D-ring but no additional t-track yet.
  5. Cheers, hope it won't be too long now and it will be finished and I can post some then (quickly assembled for Halloween) and now (modified since) shots of my whole outfit.
  6. Cheers guys. More pics to come when I get my AB-Buttons and Lenses through. Might post some E-11 pics if I can ever get the paint to take
  7. MRCE I started off thinking I'd just mildly modify the MRCE and not go nuts The final list.... 1) Fixed Teeth 2) Added 4th tooth each side 3) New mesh for teeth 4) Filled chin seam with this stuff http://www.topclasscarpentry.com/product/17300/ 5) Modified ears 6) Added screws to ears 7) Changed Lenses 8) Raised brow 9) Filled divot between eyes (revealed when raising brow) 10) Changed tube stripes 11) Painted inside black 12) New padding Phew............. .............. finally I turned my attention to the Mic tips, the tips themselves on the MRCE are fine my problem was more a pet hate, they appear to have been fitted on the MRCE by someone with a set square. So I heated the area behind them and angled them to give them a slightly wonky look. As usual opinions welcome
  8. Ok its been a wee while since my last update, I've been working away fettling my MRCE and doing some odd's and ends to the FX to better it. "pinched" shoulder bells Think these look loads better now that they don't have the oversized flare look of std FX bells. trimmed chest trimmed the bottom corners of the chest and gave them a new return edge.
  9. Pictures along with what's been done to my MRCE bucket can be found here http://forum.whitearmor.net/index.php?show...20&start=20
  10. B&Q appliance screws, they are the same as used to hold light switches on, can be bought in various lengths. I went for 40mm ones so they don't stick out too far on the inside.
  11. http://www.trooperdecals.com/ Bit late but t-cut works great for taking off tube stripes without going though the white.
  12. Ah yes the stock padding is rubbish and already gone and I've sprayed the inside Black I'll add some padding soon.
  13. Modified ears and frown, darker lenses, correct tube stripes, fill the frown gap and enjoy
  14. Wanted one I did not need to paint. Went MRCE in the end as money is tight at the moment.
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